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Shots and Angles


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Shots and Angles

  1. 1. Emerald Tria 9-05
  2. 2. how much space is in a shot or the different aspects of the characters, settings, and themes in the shot Photo Credit alamurugan/529624360/
  3. 3. the angle between the camera and the subject or the length of a shot Picture Credit os/biker_jun/5316053225/
  4. 4. the arrangement of different parts that make up a photograph Picture Credit /seeminglee/111469825/
  5. 5. photos divided into thirds where the important elements are placed near where the lines intersect Picture Credit 1029160@N03/4620433766/
  6. 6. a wider frame where the subjects in the frame are small, like buildings and landscapes Picture Credit s/jeffrowley/6799684721/
  7. 7. a shot that shows the entirety of an object from a distance Picture Credit shankaronline/8390956853/
  8. 8. a camera angle shot from a medium distance Picture Credit 013738@N00/7198559962/
  9. 9. a shot with your camera faced against your chest Picture Credit bearpark/4915777771/
  10. 10. a shot that shows extreme detail in a close up Picture Credit s/s2ublack/6824928971/
  11. 11. a shot of someone or something taken over another person’s shoulder Picture Credit s/bibbit/5531385180/
  12. 12. a convenient shot of two people or objects Picture Credit os/taylar/6890170623/
  13. 13. shows what the subject is looking at from their perspective Picture Credit aterha/5211703607/
  14. 14. a very neutral shot where the viewer’s eyes are leveled in relation to the ground Picture Credit /bakou67/5110887694/
  15. 15. the camera is physically higher than the subject and is looking down upon it Picture Credit otos/fxp/2221171318/
  16. 16. the camera is tilted to suggest transition and inconstancy Picture Credit otos/csb13/169676127/