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shari My story


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Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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shari My story

  1. 1. Shari Harper 8-73 My story Rough Draft #2I am a story. You are a story . my story begins on march 28 1997 in St Boniface hospital when I was borntwo days later my mom went on a plane to go up north. My full name is Shari Nerene Harper. I’m nativeand I speak Ojicree/English. I’m the second of the youngest of four. I have two brothers, Lyle Harperwho is 18 years old he goes to DMCI and a senior , My younger brother Hayden Harper 8 years oldattends at school at principal sparing. My only other sister Telsha Harper who is 17 years old attends atDMCI who is a senior also. My Dads name is Marcel Harper who is 38 years old and works as a civilengineering assistant. My mom who is 36 years old stays home and takes care of us . I have twograndmas, two grandpas, 7 aunties, 7 uncles, and 37 cousins. I love every single person! I grew up inGarden Hill , Manitoba and moved to Thompson in 2003. I then moved to Winnipeg in September 2005.My favourite things are pandas, cows, and clothes. If you really know me, I am loud but weird thing is Iam shy. This is My 1st chapter of my story the next is, Well read some more!My specific memory is when my brother Hayden was born in march 24 2003 four days before mybirthday. This is my favourite memory because I WANTED a baby brother so I could teach him how to abike which my sister and I taught him to ride his bike that day I remember him saying “I did it look atme!” with a big smile on his face. Then days later he fell off his bike on the back alley he had blood onhis head on that day I regret going on a bike ride. My sister and I Taught him new things. He is 8 now andsometimes he’s really annoying but I love my brother. My family has been Fantastic, amazing, andwonderful/ My most meaningful thing in my whole like is when I moved to Thompson and Winnipeg Icouldn’t see my cousins , my grandpas, grandmas , Aunties, and uncles. I only get to see them insummer, winters or if they see a doctor in Winnipeg. It’s really hard that I can’t see them whenever Iwant because I have so many memoires with them lots of fights and Laughter. One time I went toGarden Hill Manitoba I went to my aunties and my little cousins (3-9) where waiting for my sister and Iwhen ever we went they would follow us and when ever we sat on the chars they wanted to sit on mylap and my sisters and they would fight over my lap so my sister and I would take half each of my littlecousins and sit in our laps! I love them so much. This is my other chapter of my story.My Goal for the future is to go police officer and graduate. I have chosen to pursue a career as a policeofficer because I want to help people and solve problems or crimes. So hopefully I will be determined totry and reach my goals of becoming a police officer. My full story is yet unfinished.