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My story

  1. 1. Lance Tugade8-73 My Story Rough Draft #2 I am a story. You are a story. My story beings with when I was born. I was born inSeptember 26, 1998 in Philippines, Pangasinan, Bani. I was named CarlanceTugade my momsname is Lalaine her job is teaching students my dads name is Charlie he works on a farm mysisters name is Camille she is unemployed, my other sisters name is CharlaineLamael she worksin Forever XXI. When I was little I dropped a rock on my sister’s head but she was ok. When Iwas about (c.) 7 I worked in Philippines I had to deliver tin cans for money it was really easy. Wemoved to Canada in 2005 but my name had to be changed because it was too long theychanged it to Lance. The next paragraph will be about my Significant Events. In any story there should be a sad story or a happy one. My significant story is aboutleaving Philippines and moving to Canada. Before I left Philippines my classmates wrote meletters to me and I said goodbye to all my cousins. It was really fun at Philippines when ourfront yard is flooded we go and swim, once I went to an island with my cousins, it was cool. Weflew over the Pacific Ocean it was my first time flying in a plane. The education there was fun.By the time I got there my mom taught me how to speak English it was hard because i alreadyknew 2 languages and 3 is really hard, but I knew I could do it. When I got to the airport I metnew cousins. 10 days later I went to school and met new friends, I stayed in that school for 4years and went back during 6th grade, and the school’s name is Sargent Park School the bestschool have ever enrolled to. In those 4 years I learned a lot and even learned English and Iunderstand it more some of my friends even taught me some words. In the next paragraph itwill be about my future. “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain tomiss the future” by John F. Kennedy. You have a future I have a future. My future is going touniversity. When I go there I would study more so Ican pass. I don’t know what job I should getbut I will think what I should be during school years. I want to play more instruments. I alreadyplay violin, trumpet, guitar and recorder and many more and I would like to play for people. Iwant to travel the world and meet new people and new friends. This is my story and I hope uliked it.