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My story        I am a story you are a story my story begins in the UMC hospital, itwas a dark Friday night on June 6th 19...
just to see that he peed on our floor. But now I really wish I can just havehim back and just hug him even for just a coup...
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Marlo Medina My story


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Marlo Medina My story

  1. 1. My story I am a story you are a story my story begins in the UMC hospital, itwas a dark Friday night on June 6th 1997. My parents described the feelingto me as a painful but wonderful event. I grew up in the same house in thePhilippines up until I was eleven years old that’s when my family movedhere to Canada. My Dads name is Mario Medina he works at Macdonindustries, my mom Jeanette Medina on the other hand works at PriorityElectronics. I still remember when my dad gave me “The talk” it was prettyawkward learning about puberty but it helped me get ready when it actuallydid happen. One of the sad moments in my life was when my parents camehome and told me that my mom had a miscarriage. I still remember cryingreally hard in my room that day, it was pretty painful mostly cause I reallywanted to have a brother or sister back then. Another event that hurt me justas much is when my grandma died on my seventh birthday because of strokeit was actually her second time to get it. I still remember the day before shepassed away, My cousins and I were talking to her while she was lying downin her bed she told me that everything was going to be ok and that weshouldn’t worry about her and that everything was going to be fine and thentears ran down my face after she told me that she wasn’t going to make it tomy birthday party, I didn’t cry cause of that but because its like she wassaying her goodbyes and that she was giving up. She died on that bed around5 A.M the next day. But enough with my family lets get down to storiesabout things that helped me be the teen I am today. A lot of events took place in my life which helped me be well me butone of the events that I think help me the most will probably be when I gotmy first dog. I still remember when my parents brought me home a cute littlepuppy on my 4th birthday, I still remember that cute little whine he did whilehe was trying to get out of the box. I named him Carlo, Carlo was aminiature dachshund he had thick golden brown fur he was pretty small buthe got longer as years passed by. He spent most of his afternoons with me inour backyard, he was always there even if I was just doing homework hewould always just lie down near my feet and just curl up there while I do myhomework and when it was raining he would run up to me in my room andjust lie down next to my bed. But just like every dog there were times whenhe was really annoying just like the time when he tried to eat my scienceproject and the time when he woke me up at 6:00 am on a Saturday morning
  2. 2. just to see that he peed on our floor. But now I really wish I can just havehim back and just hug him even for just a couple minutes. Cause I just wokeup on a normal march day and I still remember running over to his cage butwhen I got there I just saw him lying down there and he wasn’t moving, Ifound out later that day that he choked on a piece of plastic bag. This is justone of the events that helped me be the teen I am today it helped me becomemore independent but up to this day I still miss him terribly. The way I see myself in the future is a successful Computer Engineer,I would probably have a family by then and maybe travel a lot I wouldachieve this by studying a lot and try to get good grades take ComputerEngineering in university and try to learn as much as I can about computersand what I need to know to be more successful. But another one of mychoices is to be someone in the art of Computer Science I would probably beliving with my family in a big enough house and maybe with a dog or two.Ill try to achieve this by taking Computer Science as my university course.And I would probably have to learn a lot about math and computers.Although A lot of things can happen in a few years I might change my goal Imight not but I plan on going by a saying I heard from one of my friends“Find a job you love and never work for a day”.