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Kyia You are the author

  1. 1. You Are the Author: Creating Chapter Titles Name: __________________________When an author creates chapter divisions, they must make several choices. Sometimes theychoose to simply number the chapters. This might be because they want readers to think forthemselves. Other times they use chapter titles to set the scene, create curiosity or foreshadowupcoming events.In this activity, you will take on the role of the author and create a title for each of the 15chapters in Iqbal. Your titles should be what you think Fatima would have chosen as anappropriate title to reflect and represent her experiences. Then you need to make 2-3 point formnotes which explain the events which made you think of this title.Chapter Title Point Form Notes 1 • The eye of the invisible Fatima describes where she lives and why she is at the carpet factory (Lahore Pakistan) children • Described the daily working conditions • Who Fatima works with (numskulls) 2 New boy .. • Iqbal is here • Iqbal described himself • Iqbal is chained to his loom 3 • The day I became a slave • Fatima told Iqbal her farther was sick Iqbal says the debt stays the same the kids are not happy about that • Iqbal family is in debt for buying medicine 4 Unfair life we live in • There debt is never going to be erased • Iqbal doesn’t keep his peace • Iqbal makes a one of a kind special carpet 5 • Not a pet • Foreign buyers coming to the factory Hussain Khan is being to faced • Iqbal cuts the special carpet he made 6 • Children described how the Tomb looked • Children were talking about helping Iqbal A true friend • They brought the food to Iqbal without getting caught 7 • Remember • Hussain Khan kept his eye on Iqbal Something has changed in the factory • Iqbal and the children are talking about their debt
  2. 2. 8 • Send me too Iqbal brought police man to Hussain Khan’s house • Hussain Khan send Maria to the Tomb • All the kids say send me too! 9 Maria’s story • Leaving about Iqbal leaving the factory • Hearing the speaker getting the paper • Maria can read 10 Our little game • Iqbal was now at the carpet factory for a year • Iqbal got a filer Maria reads to the children • Made a fake fight to give Iqbal time to escape 11 • Scared to step into are new Iqbal and the other children are free , but they don’t know where to go lives • Iqbal keeps Fatima and Maria with him at the BLLFOP • Fatima finds out her brothers Ahmed and Hasam are taking her to Europe 12 Speak up! • Iqbal helped free 11 more factories • Went on stage at the market and spoke on child labour and said names • American reporters came to speck with Iqbal 13 My last .. • They go to the brick factory to talk to children • Munshi tried to shot Iqbal • Fatima and Iqbal have there last talk 14 • I made it Iqbal is going to Boston in the USA to get the reebok award • Iqbal is going to Sweden and Fatima is going home to her family • Fatima thinks after 4 months they forgot her • Fatima got the mail 15 The letter • Fatima finally gets a letter from Maria • Iqbal was shot maybe 5 times • Maria and the other children are going to take the place of Iqbal and finish what he started • Murdered on Easter Sunday in 1995Epilogue Last day of Iqbal Masih • Murdered by carpet factory but never discovered • Iqbal is the symbol of violence and slavery around the world