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Kyia Word of the day

  1. 1. Word of the DayFinickyFiIN-ih-kee (adjectiveDefinition: Extremely or excessively, particular, meticulous in taste standardsExample: Pam found it challenging to come up with ideas for healthy meals that her young sona finicky eater would enjoy.I am an extremely finicky eater because I don’t like to eat the same food the rest of my familydoes always different.Falafelfun-LA-fuh (noun)Definition: A spicy mixture of ground vegetables formed into balls or patties and than friedExample: Sandra set her alarm for 5 am so she would have enough time to make two hundredfalafels for the school banquet.The falafel store down the street is the best falafel story in the city everyone goes there itsalways packed but the smell makes me want more and more.KudosKOO-dahss (noun)Definition: Fame and renowned resulting from an act or achievementExample: Kudos is given to the Garden City Gophers for beating the Kelvin Clippers, in the highschool boys Varsity wesmen championship game.I gave kudos to myself after looking in the mirror and seeing how beautiful I am without anyonetelling me so.EchelonESH-uh-lon (noun)
  2. 2. Definition: One of a series of levels or grades in an organization or field of activityExample: We heard stories of corruption in the higher echelonRebel (adjective, noun)Rebellion or RebelliousDefinition: opposing or taking arms against a government or rulerExample: “Hell child .. Rebel and a traitor”As I woke up one morning sad and annoyed and lonely not being able to see my love one inalmost a week, I asked my mom if I could go to his house but she yelled NO so I choice to be arebel and told her I had dance practice and went to his house insteadMercilessmer-si-lesDefinition: Having or showing no mercy or pityExample: The presidential candidate was merciless in his criticism of his opponentsAs I was playing basketball the score was 72-33 at the start of the 4 quarter are team wasmerciless and kept on scoring the other ream was mad and started and swear and foul becausethey couldn’t handle usNumskullnum-skul (noun)Definition: A thick or muddle head a dull or stupid personExample: “Don’t be such a numskull” my mother shouted as I slammed on the breaks “we cantafford a new car”When girls act like numskulls to get a boy I have to remind them that they shouldn’t change toget a boy because they are amazing just the way you are.Discriminate
  3. 3. diss-KRIM-ih-haytDefinition: To see the special features ofExample: One of the important skills for judging a dog shows its ability of discriminate betweendozens of breedMy friends always discriminate my boyfriend because he isn’t the best at sports or thesmartest, but he knows how to make my special and treat my right and that all a girl ever wantsExodusEK-suh-dus (noun)Definition: A mass departures: emigrationExample: when the concert ended the exodus of attendees clogged up traffic for milesOne night during my party of the year I went upstairs to get my phone, well I was upstairseveryone exodus only to see that my parent where here … damn bustedHendiadyshen-DYE-uh-dis (noun)Definition: The Expression of an idea buy the use of usually two independent words connectedby and (as nice and warm)Example: Hydria liked to use the hendiadys cheap and cheerful to describe her wardrobe.The way he always use to use to the hendiadys beautiful and nice to describe me made me diea little inside because I seemed to love him more and moreRaziel likes to use the hendiadys yummy and beautiful to describe sushiBaksheeshBAK-sheeshDefinition: Payment (as a tip or a bribe) to expedite serviceExample: “I’m sure the fact that we got seated so quickly had nothing to do with that littlebaksheesh you slipped the hosted” said Erica to her dinner companion.
  4. 4. I find it dumb that this girl baksheesh all her so called friends to be friends with her because atthe end of the day all they want is your money and when times are hard they wont be there foryou because they didn’t really care about you. Friends are also hard to keep but my giving thembaksheesh won’t mean they’ll always be there for youClimacterickly-MAK-ter-ik (noun)Definition: A major turnhinh point or critical stageExample: Many historians have tried to pinpoint the Roman Empires climacteric that precisemoment when it began its long downhill slide.At western Canada summer games it was a tie game and the climacteric was big when I stolethe ball with seconds left and got fouled and was sent to the line was all the pressure on me Imade the first basket and mess the second the girl got it at half and made the half court shotbut she traveled we won the gameFlatfootFLAT-foot (noun)Definition Slang police officer; especially: a patrolman walking the beatExample: In his lasted movie the actor plays an earnest flatfoot who we bested by some clevercrooksThe flatfoot saw the crook steal from the bank but the flatfoot was too slow running after himsince he still had his coffee and donut in his hands.Contumaciouskahn-too-MAY-shus (adjective)Definition: stubbornly disobedient rebelliousExample: She sat still looking a little contumacious and very much indisposed to stir.One day I was being contumacious when my mom said I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend butthe next day the guy I liked asked me out ii just couldn’t say no
  5. 5. PalliatePAL-ee-ayt (verb)Definition