Kyia's my story


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Kyia's my story

  1. 1. MY STORY KYIA GILES 873I am a story that is different and unique and you are a story that is different from mine. My story beginson June 23rd 1998, at the HSC Women Pavilion in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was born 10 fast secondsbefore my Twin sister. My full name is Kyia Rashon Shamira Pingue-Giles. I have a brother Kadeem he isnow 21 and 7 years older than me, he went to Vancouver for University and now lives and works there.I have an older sister Kenesha she is 18 and 5 years older than my sister and I. She is my Role Model.Kenesha now lives in Toronto where she is going to University on a Basketball and AcademicScholarship. My Mom’s name is Carolyn and she is a hairstylist, and my Dad’s name is Kenneth. I grewup downtown ever since I was born and lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba my whole life. I have family inLondon, England, Barbados, Jamaica and Toronto. My first trip to London was very fun I can rememberit like it was yesterday. I was in Grade Two. I t was a really long plane ride but I was happy to get out ofsnow. We went there for Christmas; the Malls there are awesome and really huge. At night time thecity look like New York lots of lights everywhere, everyone is walking it looks so beautiful, but my twofavourite things are the Double Decker bus and the subways because there are not something you seeevery day when you in Winnipeg, they are really unique and fun to be on. Barbados and Jamaica are alot alike, very hot, nice fun beaches but I remember Barbados a lot because I went in a submarine. I alsosaw Rhianna and Chris Brown when she came home there for her 21st Birthday party. It was reallydifferent I’m very grateful for all of the gifts and outstanding trips and life time memories.Like chapters in book you have got to that point in your story. It might make you want to cry for thegood or for the bad that’s why it has that meaningful memory in your life that has impact you in a goodor bad way. Mine was going to Pennsylvania because I was really scared to try out, it has change my lifewhen I found out I came 1st in my race and was going to Hershey I was really excited but it took self-pride to go on a plane with no family and with people I barely knew to a big place but I had no choicethere was no turning back. Before my race I knew there was fear in my eyes I was scared but I knew Ihad to do it for my pride, my team and the respect I would get. I did not get 1st but I tried my hardestto ran my fastest that was all I cared about. Knowing that I am the fastest girl in my region makes mevery happy and very proud. I got 4th out of all North America that has impacted my life knowing I wellalways have track no matter what. Another thing that has impacted my life with track is going toHershey for the second time because I was use to this place and I was going with my 4x100 team. Onething that made me so happy I was almost going to cry is when my team told me that they wanted me tobe the anker because Im the fast on the team. They had hope in me being the anker is importantbecause thats when they are waiting for you to bring them home for a great place. Having a lot of trackpeople looking at you run not knowing if they are saying something good or bad but you dont mindbecause when you are on that track its your time to shine. Plus knowing this is something I’m great at I
  2. 2. am really thankful for this gift. With this gift I would like to help people so they have track to take themsomewhere in life and run at an elite level.Another thing that has impacted my life is having a twin because without my sister I would be so behindbecause she has helped me with almost everything like packing my lunch when am busy doing my workor don’t remember to. She has also helped me with homework when I don’t understand or when I amnot sure what to do plus almost every day she wakes me up for school because if she did not I would belate for school but beside helping me it’s fun having someone who is always there for you and knowingyou are never alone she always have your back through thick and thin, it’s really great. Even though wefight million times over little thing we always make up because were sisters, we have had a lot of funtimes together like partys, sleepover, basketball and volleyball games one in a life time experience andsomething’s well never forget.The future you!? Many people dreams out of the box crazy jobs but when you set your mind it’s notcrazy, it’s the future you so set your mind to do and it would not be a dream it would be your life. Mynumber 1 dream I always have is being famous in singing or sports like with the WMBA because a lot ofpeople told me that I can be in the WMBA all I need to do is practice on everything even that littlethings. If something goes wrong with that I wanted to become a teacher. Teaching is fun knowing thatyou are helping someone even if its in Basketball, Swimming, Piano or Math you get that good feelingknowing that you are helping them at the end of the day making them better. The goals I have set isPracticing and setting my mind to what I want to be. The more I practice the better I will get atanything. This is my story and I would not change it for anything. I have been through the good, thebad, the happy and the sad that’s me and I love it. This is the beginning of my story and I am ready toface what my story gives me and take it because that’s me and that’s my story! :).