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Jason essay

  1. 1. Jason Reyes 8-73 Child Labour Did you know that there are millions of children deprived of the rightsthey deserve? There has to be a way to give themwhats rightfullytheirs. There are a lot of problems with child labour including right toplay, right to an education and child slavery. It just does not seem rightthat there are children being treated in this matter. We need to help allthe children who are deprived of their rights gain them just as we all doeveryday. There are many children in the world who do not get the chance toplay. " Play is crucially important to a childs intellectual, social andemotional development"( Play=Learning http://udi.edu ). A childrenshealth partially contributes to how often they play. There are manythings playing can help you with like social development, physicaldevelopment, cognitive develpoment and many more. Playing shouldbe something all children can get to experience. As well as not having a chance to play, most children dont get thechance to a education either. Education is a very important part of achilds life because it can give them a life that they can properly livewith. Without an education your career choises are limited. Theknowledge you recieve during your education can help with life. Achilds education is very important, just as they say brains beforebronze. A lot of the children who do not get a chance to an education arechild slaves. Many children around the world have to deal with child
  2. 2. slavery. "One in six children are involved with child slavery."(www.compassion.com). Child slavery is a horrible problem in theworld. Child slavery should be something that a child should never haveto go through. All of these things are apart of child labour. Child labour is anobvious crime that must be stoped. All together, around 126,000,000children are involved with child labour. It is clearly not right thatchildren are forced to work. We have to find a way to get child labournoticed by people every where. We can do that by making commercialsor ads about child labour victims. Together, we may be able to endchild labour." Childlabour and poverty are inevitably bound together and if youcontinue to use the labour of children as the treatment for the socialdisease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labour to theend of time " ( Grace Abbot ).