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Philip Atienza 8-73                            Explorer Response to Iqbal chapter 5EXI have just finished chapter five of ...
Philip Atienza 8-73OThis chapter has been organized in paragraphs. The author chose to order this chapterfrom beginning to...
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Explorer response to iqbal chapter 5


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Explorer response to iqbal chapter 5

  1. 1. Philip Atienza 8-73 Explorer Response to Iqbal chapter 5EXI have just finished chapter five of the non-fiction book iqbal. which was based on the truestory of Iqbal Masih and written by Francesco D’Adamo . He has chosen not to have anyillustrations but it does get translated to English by Ann Leonori with a touch of narrativestyle.This chapter was about how Hussain khan was expecting company (the foreign buyers) sohe is really nice to his child slaves ( which is the exact opposite of how he usually treatsthem)So iqbal has made the most valuable carpet their is called the blue Bukhara but just beforethe foreign buyers arrive iqbal grabs the knife they use to cut the ends of the string with andcut the carpet right down the middle from top to bottom. then Hussain screamed like a stuckpig as he ran to iqbal and through him in to the tomb.PI think the authors purpose for chapter five is to show us how much iqbal is an artist. Iqbal isan artist because he can make the blue Bukhara carpet in a couple of days and the blueBukhara usually take almost a year to make because of its intricatedifficult design.The authors second purpose for chapter 5 is to show us how greedy and two faced Hussainkhan is. Hussain khan is two faced and greedy because when the foreign buyers were justabout to arrive he was being really nice to the children and right after iqbal destroys thecarpet Hussain calls him a poisonous viper, an ingrate and that they said he was skilled butnot trust worthy, but Hussain only thought about the money so that makes him greedy.LA key line from chapter 5 worth remembering is “He took the knife that we all use to cut theends of knots with and, raised it above his head, and seemed to look at us each in the eye.then he calmly turned and cut the carpet from top to bottom, right through the middle.” Thisquote is worth remembering because it was a key part in chapter five also because he wasstanding up to the master for the kids which planted the seed of courage which will sproutinto a beautiful flower. Another key line from chapter 5 is “Hussain screamed like a stuckpig.” This quote is worth remembering because it shows us how Hussain only cares aboutthe money when iqbal cut the carpet ( the Blue Bukhara ) he instead of seeing the carpetcut he saw money being taken right out of his pocket. The key names worth rememberingare Fatima, Hussain Khan, and Iqbal. I think Fatima is worth remembering because sheis the closest friend to iqbal. I also think Hussain Khan is worth remembering becausehe is the master of the children and the one who throws iqbal into the tomb. Lastly, Ichose the name Iqbal is worth remembering because he is the main character of thechapter and the novel and he is the main part of the climax. A key place worthremembering is the tomb because that is the place where Iqbal got thrown into when heripped the carpet.
  2. 2. Philip Atienza 8-73OThis chapter has been organized in paragraphs. The author chose to order this chapterfrom beginning to climbing action to climax to falling action to resolution instead of theplot events mixed up and all of them scattered all around the chapter. This makes thechapter easier to comprehend, easier to follow, and easier to read.Rone way I can related to this chapter is once after I was finished cleaning the dishes inthe sink, I dried them then as I am drying the knifes with a small cloth it cut the smallclotcut in two just like the carpet so I quickly threw it out and grabbed a thicker one.Another way I can relate this chapter is once when I was channel surfing at home Istarted to watch this show where this kid named lee from china and he had ran awaybut then he got kidded napped and forced to be shoes but he took a risk and escaped.He went home but he wasn’t finished yet he went to the mayor and demanded that hestopped child labour but then I didn’t see the rest because I went shopping.EMy AA-ha moment for this chapter is when Iqbal cuts the carpet and gets sent to thetomb because I knew earlier in the chapter that he would do something unpermitted. Myquestions for this chapter are, why does he want stand up to his masters why not be likeFatima.