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Egg osmosis project


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Egg osmosis project

  1. 1. Egg Osmosis Project Edel Esguerra 8-16
  2. 2. Purpose  To observe osmosis in a cell  Place egg in Vinegar  Measure weight of the egg using a balance  Measure the size of the egg  Use string and measuring tape  Place one egg in corn syrup  place other egg in water.  Weigh and measure the eggs again
  3. 3. Materials Eggs Balance Strings Measuring tape Water Corn syrup 2 beakers Vinegar
  4. 4. Hypothesis (corn) Corn Syrup Egg It will weigh a little more Size will increase It will look brownish
  5. 5. Hypothesis (water) The egg will weigh the same The egg will look the same The egg will not grew
  6. 6. ObservationCorn syrup Before After Water egg Before AftereggWeight 67 g 44 g Weight 77.4 91.9Size 16.1 cm 13.2 Size 16 cm 17 cm
  7. 7. 3 Visual Observation There’s bubble rising in the egg when it is placed on the vinegar There is more bubble rising and the egg is floating It doesnt have a shell and its slimy or squishy After sitting on corn syrup for 1 day the egg looks shrivelled up After sitting on water for 1 day the egg is larger and it doesn’t float
  8. 8. Conclusion (Water) It got larger Water moved into the egg This was due to the fact The egg had lower concentration and The water have higher concentration
  9. 9. Conclusion (Corn) Corn syrup Got smaller Water moved out the egg This was due to the fact The egg have higher concentration The corn syrup have lower concentration
  10. 10. Conclusion Hypothesis Water Egg  Corn Egg Wrong  Wrong The weight did not  The weight will not change change The size did not  It will grow bigger change  Right The color will not  It will look brown change