Danilyn's Child Slavery Essay


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Danilyn's Child Slavery Essay

  1. 1. Danilyn Sanchez8-73 Ruined Childhood, Distorted Memories Feeling fear might not bedaily in your life, but in the world that Matthew lives in, it hasalready become a part of his routine. Matthew is the protagonist in the book The Rules ofSurvivalwrote by my new favourite author Nancy Werlin, and also the book that I am currentlytyping this essay about.From the very day that Matthew was born, nothing has changed, not evena single day has changed during his 13 years worth of memories. Nothing changed, boththehouse and his violent mother whose always been torturing him. He has already grown to theyoung man he is, knowing and accepting the fact that when he wakes up, he might suddenly seehis own mother, pressing a knife into his neck, heartlessly. Now for you, fear might just beanother word to describe the feeling when you lose your beloved cellphone, I know, it’sheartbreaking. To Matthew, fear is not really a bad thing. Fear to him is a friend that warns youto pay attentionwhen you’re in danger. It tells you to fight or run, to save yourself. Save yourselfbefore danger finds you, but apparently, he doesn’t have that option when he lives with amonstrous mother. Matthew has always thought of his mother some kind of dangerous murderer.Maybe he did see her as one, but he did have a good reason. When he looks at her, he neverreally did see her as his mother,he sees the things that she did over the years and the expressionof hers while doing it. Horrible, horrible memories. But now, if I told you a wonderful idea onsaving children such as Matthew from horrid experiences, would you join and support me? Byreading the book “the rules of survival”, you will notice how hard a child’s life can be when youlive in a home where an abusive mother is a day-to-day struggle for survival. And how his life, isnot even close to ours where we freely move and get what we want. To him, it would not evenmatter if he was alive or not, if it were not for his little sisters. But let us be honest here shall we? Are you spoiled? Do you take things for granted, likeyour parents perhaps? You might not notice it but once in your life time- no—more than once,you have probably been spoiled. Think about it carefully, I know it might sound really stupid butgirls when you were three years old, did not you have an obsession for Barbie dolls? And boys,do you remember the bond you shared with your HotWheels collection? Sometimes were soobsessed that we would even get mad at our parents,but why? To the fact that they did not buy anitem that you wanted so badly? Well for Matthew, he never really did have the chance to bespoiled, he rather not try because he did not want to make her angry. Unlike Matthew, you
  2. 2. Danilyn Sanchez8-73thought that you understood fearbecause all along you thought it was a scary being, am I correct?If you do, then stop. Your whole body will tear up if you live with yourself thinking that way.The ability to become aware of fear is a gift, an ability. But what do you do with it when youhave to live with the feeling all the time(Werlin, 8)?Then will you be able to feel and understandMatthew’s feelings and maybe, just maybe, then will you be able to relate. On the other handMatthew, who has no worries about fear becauseto him, it reminds you to pay attention, to act, tosave yourself. To run, run when your fear tells you to (Werlin, 8).Like when you stole an Oreocookie from the Oreo package, did your mom, scar your throat as your punishment? Whilegiggling to herself(Werlin, 9)?Were you scared? Or did you just accept the fact that your throatis going to be cut? Well, that was Matthew’s only choice. He could not even try and run. Truth is, when Matthew sees his mother, Nikki. He does not look at her as his motherinstead he recalls the things that she did and the expression of her face while doing it(Werlin,21). In Nikki’s young age, she had long blonde hair that seemed to be flowing or floating aroundher, whenever she walks, as described as Matthew’s father. On the other hand, Matthew’s fatherwas someone who gets frightened so easily, just by a look at Nikki, he would already startrunning. Well, Matthew could not blame his father, she was a heartless woman, you never evenknew if she loved you or not and whenever she tried to show her love, it would all be just amistake. She was someone, someone capable of murder to her own kids, to her own children.Forexample, there was this one time, when Callie was punished just because of Nikki’s ego. Callie,who was the 2nd oldest after Matthew was usually the one whostays back home and takes care ofEmmy. There were times when she went outside with Matthew to explore but that was only anexception if Emmy was sleeping. Emmy, is the youngest out of all three of them, and the onewho they have to protect the most.Emmy has always been the good girl, who listens to hermother at all times. Callie came home saying she had learned that there were 12 inches in 1 foot.Nikki made Callie measure her hair. It was less than one foot. This made Nikki very, very angry.She ended up cutting Callie’s hair almost to the scalp to show her how important hair was towomen(Werlin, 22).Or there was this other time where she slammed mussels into Matthew’sface. Once.Even twice(Werlin, 29).Sometimes, the people who mean you harm are the peoplewho say they love and care for you(Werlin, backcover).Please be aware of that.
  3. 3. Danilyn Sanchez8-73 Please, also be aware of anyone and everyone has the right to survive, if they can(Werlin,THE HARSH TRUTH).A miracle just had to happen for the sake of Matthew and his sisters, andthat is where Murdoch steps up. He was introduced into a beginning of a miraclesummer(Werlin, 30). If Murdoch was ever a word in the dictionary, his simile might as well beEshan Khan.Both of them had the same intentions, they both wanted to protect children whoserights were denied, it is as if they were born in this world to protect. He was a medium man witha medium height and body(Werlin, 5).They met him at a candy shop. Where Murdoch he wassaving a little boy from his father, who seem to care about money more than his own son. Hewas not someone who would cause a fight, or someone who would cause an injury. He wassomeone that paid his respects and kept a very good posture, someone who kept a good attitude,someone who would just stand there, defending a little boy from a father whose about to startthrowing his fists at him. He was someone, who seems to be too good to be a role model, but fitsenough to be a heroine in a story. He was someone, inspiring. This story taught me a lot ofhardships that kids have to go through. And, how I should feel lucky to live in Canada where Ilive in a house, aplace where I know I am safe. If I were to ask of you to help and support thiscause, will you join me? Today?Tomorrow?Right now? How passionate are you? Do you feel your heart raging to stop child abuse? Now that youhave a summary about how child abuse can be severe, and that was not even half abusive to becompared with other cases. But now, are you determined to help the children who do not have aplace where they should be safe? Because sadly, the one place they should feel safe is the oneplace they fear the most (Kpai). And that is where my inspiration came from. I saw two pictureson the internet that sparked my interests. One was a little girl covering her eyes with both of herhands and a shadow beside her. An angry shadow. The other picture I saw was a painting Ibelieve, it had a girl with duct tape on her mouth. Written on the duct tape were these words: IFYOU TELL ANYONE, I WILL KILL YOU. I wanted to make an advertisement but the girlwho is originally by the shadow is now replaced with the girl who has duct-tape on her mouth.Child abuse is a silent killer, but do not let that evolve into gruesome murder.This book taughtme many things. Why lessons were made to be obeyed, why were there laws if there are peoplearound who waves a gun? Why, why do people decide to have children if their just going to tearthem up apart? This book, helped me realized that all my questions, were idiotic, because if Ilook closely into our world, the answer was already right at my face. Please take action, and
  4. 4. Danilyn Sanchez8-73support. You can support by helping organizations, spread out all around the world. Some majororganizations that support child rights are Free The Children and UNICEF and that is not evenall of them, there are many more. Each organization has their own advantages and disadvantagesuse those advantages to your liking. Always remember that, each supporting member of thecommunity, counts.