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  1. 1. Questions to Ask About a Culture1. Geography North border, Mediterranean Sea South border, series of contact Divide into lower and outer Egypt.2. Economics Traded by building and using boats and ships Boats were used for fishing ,travel and warfare Nile river important route for trading3. Religion and Philosophy Believed in gods and goddess Believed in 4 main deities Traded goods with other cultures like ancient Rome and Greece4. Knowledge, Education, and the Arts Started school at the age 5 to 14 Classes started at sunrise to sunset Boys received better education , few women can read and write .5. Political Science Pharaoh was a supreme ruler Vizier in charge most areas of the government Egypt had an approximate 31 Dynasties6. Sociology Married girls in 13 Man made decision Pharaoh was the descendants of gods , Supreme ruling power.
  2. 2. 7. History One of the worlds greatest civilization . Divided into 2, Upper and lower Egypt Divided into 3 time periods old kingdom , Middle kingdom and new kingdom.