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cornell note making 1


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cornell note making 1

  1. 1. Name: Riley Peters 8-73 Date: February, 16, 2012 CORNELL NOTETAKING Key Words Main Ideas/Supporting IdeasFourDeities important to allEgyptians 1) Ra 2) Osiris 3) Isis 4) Anubis1) Ra ————> Sun god Sailed across the sky in papyrus boat Brought sun with him (explained sunrise/sunset)2) Osiris ———-> God of the underworld, vegetation and floods King of the delta-farmers Murdered by brother seth Wife Isis reunited his body (14 pieces) Shown = enthroned king3) Isis ———-> Wife of Osiris Got all the 14 pieces of Osiris body from all over the earth Brought Osiris back to life Was the protector of children4) Anubis ———-> God of the dead Guardian of the tombs Represented in pictures as a jackel Egyptians believed their souls were judged by Anubis when they died Anubis means “ He who counts the Hearts.” God of the household5) Bes ————> Protector against snakes Aid to childbirth Linked with fertility, marriage, happiness, music and dancing Shown as an ugly dwarf, sometime with leonine features