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Charisse's Egg osmosis experiment


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Charisse's Egg osmosis experiment

  1. 1. EGG OSMOSIS EXPERIMENTCharisse Ahmad 8-17
  2. 2. PURPOSE To observe osmosis in a cell 1) Place eggs in vinegar to remove shell 2) Measure weight of egg 3) Measure size of egg 4) Place one egg in corn syrup, other egg in water. 5) Weigh and measure eggs again
  3. 3. HYPOTHESIS CORN SYRUP EGG Corn Syrup Egg Size will not change Weight will stay the same Egg will look soggy and sticky
  4. 4. HYPOTHESIS WATER EGG Water Egg Weight would be heavier. Size would be bigger Egg will look fragile and soggy
  5. 5. MATERIALS Eggs Beakers Corn syrup Vinegar Balance Water String Measuring tape
  6. 6. OBSERVATIONS Before AfterCorn Syrup W- 71.3 W- 48.8 S- 17 cm S- 13 cmH2o W- 62.2 W- 77.0 S- 14 cm S- 18.5 cm
  7. 7. OBSERVATIONS (CONTINUE) (after vinegar) Eggs at the bottom. Bubbles from eggs float to top. (after syrup 24 hours) Floating, more bubbles, and a bit of foam at the top (after water 24 hours) More bubbles and foam 24 hours later, turned soft and squishy. Corn syrup egg = shrivelled water egg = puffy
  8. 8. CONCLUSION OF WATER EGG Got larger Water moved into egg Egg had lower concentration, water had high concentration Egg moved for lower to higher.
  9. 9. CONCLUSION OF CORN SYRUP EGG Got smaller Water moved out Egg had higher concentration, syrup had lower. Water moved from higher (egg) to lower concentration
  10. 10. HYPOTHESIS Corn syrup egg after experiment: Hypothesis was wrong Got smaller by size and weight Thought egg would stay same Egg shrunk Water in egg came out into corn syrup to balance water in and out of egg Water egg after experiment Hypothesis was correct Egg got bigger and weight Water entered egg because low concentration