Child Labour EssayAbigail RamosRoom: 8-73                                      Child Labour Essay       “Shedding tears an...
Child Labour EssayAbigail RamosRoom: 8-73let go of all of these opportunities. So if we do not start today look at all of ...
Child Labour EssayAbigail RamosRoom: 8-73place, that more children and people deserves better. If we gather all these prob...
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Abby's Child labour Essay


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Abby's Child labour Essay

  1. 1. Child Labour EssayAbigail RamosRoom: 8-73 Child Labour Essay “Shedding tears and crying unheard words” (Every Human Has Rights, page 9). Haveyou felt unpredictable that there are many children in the world that are being treated differentlyeveryday? As some children lose some of their rights when they become a child labourer, theseare the first steps of children who stop dreaming about the good things they can do in theirfuture. However we need to spread the word about the awful actions Joseph Kony has beendoing to the children in Uganda, Africa. Which explains the people around the world shouldbegin to start action and help spread the word about Joseph Kony and make it stop. However ifJoseph Kony won’t let go of these children, what would you think about how their life would belike if these children can not experience the childhood every child deserves in the world? On theother hand if these children are denied to see their family and they have lost someone special,wouldn’t be hard having to lose a family member that you could not have a chance to spend timewith during your lifetime? Lastly, now that there are many invisible children around the worldthat we can not notice around us everyday, imagine if these children become change makers inour future, think about how our world can be a better place. We need to begin to have every child in the world help them deserve their own right. Ifthese children do not have their rights today, how can they have their own rights tomorrow? AsFree the Children is an organization that helps prove that every child in the world deserves tohave their own rights. Free the Children also help improve the everyday lives of undernourishedchildren around the globe. Without the help of Craig Kielburger founder of Free the Childrenmany of these children will not have the clean water the children can drink, school’s to learn in,supplies used for their everyday lives, and the meals fed for these children. Craig Kielburgerbelieves that every child in the world deserves to have their own rights and freedom. So imaginethese smiling children you will see every day. For example, look how the children in Iqbal do nothave the right to play and to choose what they want to do in their everyday life. How would youfeel if you were in these children’s positions? Especially, look at the children that lives aroundthe poorest countries around the world, don’t they have to word for their families to pay for theirdebts? Shouldn’t these children go to school, and enjoy the playgrounds built for them? Look atall of these rights that are being lost, these are only some possibilities. However they can’t just
  2. 2. Child Labour EssayAbigail RamosRoom: 8-73let go of all of these opportunities. So if we do not start today look at all of the possibilities thesechildren can do in their future. There are many organizations in the world that helps children be free and prove whatthey really deserve in life. That these children deserves something better. Kony is one of thenewest names that need to be spread today. Joseph Kony is head of the Uganda guerrilla groupwho abducted children to become child-sex slaves and child soldiers. Estimated 66 000 childrenbecame soldiers around the continent of Africa. Kony’s name can also help stop child labour. Allwhat Invisible Children trying to accomplish is to help discover all of these unseen children thatare being hidden around our globe to help prove that these children deserves better. Theexploitation and enslavement of these children as soldiers should be stopped. These childrendeserve to have a safe environment around them. As we have many child soldiers in our worldtoday there is always a possibility to set these children free. That these children can alsoexperience the childhood life every child deserves. All of these outcomes are just the basics ofKony. To help stop this all we got to do is help start awareness. Family is one of the important things everyone needs in life. Without family everythingseems incomplete. If we lose a special someone that is a big part of our life, already a big speckof a heart piece has already been removed. When Maria loses Iqbal, she basically already lost afriend, a brother and a family. Iqbal and Maria were like siblings that you can never relate toanyone else. How some children in Iqbal would have to be separated from their families to helppay for the family’s debt, to get them fed at least three times a day, and also for importantmedicine for the family’s health care. Can you see the children’s role to have a happy family?The experiences and feeling I have losing someone special, can relate to how it feels to have mylife incomplete as theirs. So imagine those families who lose their child because of child labour.Don’t you think those family’s deserves better? Now that you understand the important thingsthat losing a special person can become the hardest things with families without their children.There would always be that feeling you get where hearing your child’s heartbeat for the very lasttime can be the most difficult experiences we would have to accept forever. Now that it is time to begin and start awareness that we should understand that all ofthese possibilities can harm our world, if we start today we can think of our world being a better
  3. 3. Child Labour EssayAbigail RamosRoom: 8-73place, that more children and people deserves better. If we gather all these problems together,take a time and think about how it would turn out. Wouldn’t you want to change that? Meaning,if we start treating each other equally and help make a difference in our world, look how ourworld can possibly be. All of these children, who lose their rights when they become a childlabourer, begin to the footsteps with the possibility of ruining their dream. But it’s our job toLastly, now that you have read my story and experiences, what if we share our stories togetherand pass on the message, with that one simple spoken word you may already have helped anindividual and family around our globe.