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Aarons4 word of the day

  1. 1. Word of the Day Flatfoot / Flatfoot / NounDefinition: Slang police officer; especially a patrolman walking the beat.Example: In his latest movie, the actor plays an earnest Flatfootwhois bested by some clevercrooks.Aaron’s Example: The Flatfootofficer chased the man that stole a green apply skateboardfrom West 49. Doughty /Dow-Tee/ AdjectiveDefinition: marked by fearless resolution: valiant (brave & courageous)Example: When little Liza saw the bullies picking on one of the younger boys the Doughtygirl marched up to them and demanded that they stop.Aaron’s Example: The doughty Flatfoot chased the man that stole from a wardrobe thatstridulated from the Furniture store. Pungent /Pun-jent/ AdjectiveDefinition: Sharply and strongly affecting the organs of taste and smell.Example: The Pungentaroma of stinky blue cheese filled the kitchen.Aaron’s Example: The Pungentaroma of the filthy toilet behind the curtain in the factorymade the children not want to go enter. Ingrate /in-grat/ NounDefenition: an ungrateful person
  2. 2. Example: The carpet master called Iqbal an ingrate after he cut the carpet to shreads. Aaron’s Example: Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones thought roger was being an ingrate after she let him into her house to eat and clean him and him barely say thank you. Endearment / in-deer-ment/Defenition: A word of act expressing affection.Example: While my husband was serving in Afghanistan, I kept a letter filled with Endearmentfrom him in my wallet.Aaron’s Example: In the movie Dear John, The girl sends a letter to john to show herEndearment Freedom /fre-dom/ Noun Defenition: Quality of state of being free-from slavery or from the power of anotherpolitical right. Example: He thinks children these days have too much freedom.Aaron’s Example: The underground Rail way was made by a woman who wanted her Freedomand wanted everyone else to have their Freedom Dysentery /dis-en-ter-e/ Noun Defenition: an infection of the intestines, producing diarrhoea with blood and mucus that is caused by consuming contaminated food of water.
  3. 3. Example: “Those months our attack of dysentery obliged us to use the little place behindthe curtain more often then we liked”Aaron’s Example: Some child labourers get Dysenterybecause of the bad conditions theywork in every day and night. Echelon /Esh-uh-lon/ NounDefenition: one of a series of levels of grades in an organization or field of activity.Example: We heard stories of corruption in a higher Echelonof the firm.Aaron’s Example: Hussains Khan’s anger is reaching the higher Echelon’s of exploding. Obsequious /ob-SEE-kwee-us/Definition: Marked by or exhibiting a fawning attentivenessExample: The executive brought with her an entourage of Obsequious assistants who woulddo anything she asks of them.Aaron’s Example: The doughty Nascar driver had an entourage of Obsequious mechanics tofix his car from having a climacteric breakdown during the huge race. Whirligig /WER-lih-gig/ NounDefinition: a Whirligigor circling courseExample: Sam was spinning in a financialWhirligig; the more he earned the more he spentas he plunged closer into debt.
  4. 4. Aaron’s Example: When I was fishing I saw a Whirligigswimming in circles above the water. Adapt /uh-DAPT/ VerbDefenition: To make or become fit (as for a new use or situation) often modification ( Change)Example: It took lee a while to Adaptto her new school. But she is settling in well now.Aaron’s Example: It took a while for the birds to Adaptto their new next in a new tree and differentweather. Broadside /Brawd-syde/ NounDefenition: a strongly worded attackExample: The intern was surprised when her supervisor answered her simple question witha Broadside against the company’s treatment of employees.Aaron’s Example: The people working at Vito’s Pizzeria made a Broadside against the bossbecause he was not paying them fairly.