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Aaron's You are the author

  1. 1. You Are the Author: Creating Chapter Titles Name: Aaron Lapuz 73When an author creates chapter divisions, they must make several choices. Sometimes theychoose to simply number the chapters. This might be because they want readers to think forthemselves. Other times they use chapter titles to set the scene, create curiosity or foreshadowupcoming events.In this activity, you will take on the role of the author and create a title for each of the 15chapters in Iqbal. Your titles should be what you think Fatima would have chosen as anappropriate title to reflect and represent her experiences. Then you need to make 2-3 point formnotes which explain the events which made you think of this title.Chapter Title Point Form Notes 1 • Fatima is introduced and talks about family The Invisible World • Fatima talks about work • Iqbal arrives 2 • Iqbal, Karim, Salman were introduced • Iqbal goes to his station New Kid • Fatima described him cute in a way 3 • Maria was introduced and Fatima talks about what she looks Iqbal’s Story • Iqbal talks about his family • Iqbal plans to escape 4 • Iqbal has a gift of an artist to make a carpet Blue Bukhara • Iqbal told the kids their debt won’t be cancelled • Iqbal is planning to runaway or do something bad 5 • Foreign customers come to the shop • Fatima sees the carpet that Iqbal made The Broken Carpet and cuts it with a knife • Iqbal was sent to the tomb 6 • Fatima, Salman and Ali went to the tomb to give Iqbal water Bravery • They almost got caught • They successfully gave water to Iqbal 7 • Iqbal was released from the tomb • A new kid name Twig was introduced His Escape • Iqbal escaped from the tiny window at the back of the filthy carpet
  2. 2. 8 • Policeman came with Iqbal • Maria makes a kite on her carpet The Gain of Courage • Everyone stands up for Maria and says Send Me Too 9 • Talks about his escape and at the market • He gets the flyer out of his pocket Destiny • Maria steps up and talks and says I CAN READ 10 • Maria teaches them how to read • They all read the flyer The Play • Everyone plays their parts and Iqbal climbs the stone wall and escapes 11 • Iqbal was with the man in white • All of them were finally free The New Beginning • Maria, Iqbal, Fatima flew a kite at the Bonded Labour Liberation Front or BLLF 12 • Iqbal helped Eshan Khan and free a lot of children They have sent a Warning • Iqbal talks about name at the market like vulture • They had attack the headquarters and sent a warning 13 • Iqbal went to a illegal brick factory • Meets a family and kids Illegal Brick Factory • Munshi comes and has a gun and shoots them but he misses 14 • Iqbal gets a scholarship • He goes to Sweden and Boston Goodbye • Fatima goes back home 15 • Iqbal goes home and plays • Iqbal was murdered Our Past • Children asks for help and they all look like IqbalEpilogu • Iqbal was murdered on Easter Sunday 1995e His New Life • He was 13 years old • Killed by the Carpet Mafia