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IPAC Brochure


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Complete Company profile and products offered

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IPAC Brochure

  1. 1. IPAC additives help lubricants protect engine and other moving parts from wear, deposits, corrosion, water and high operating temperatures. Our additives are used in oils, fluids and greases to meet the most stringent oil industry, government and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Products specifications. IPAC develops and manufactures additive packages that are carefully balanced to deliver performance in the midst of DRIVELINE a challenging and changing marketplace. Our additives are Automatic Transmission Fluid Additives. IPAC’s designed to meet the widest range of lubricant applications. ATF Additives are multipurpose, very low ash packages When combined with your base oils, fuels or greases, these formulated to meet the performance requirements of most additives are designed to meet the performance requirements transmissions. Our packages provide superior thermal and for your application. IPAC will work with you to insure your oxidative stability, corrosion and wear protection, anti- products meet or surpass all specifications and requirements. shudder durability and optimized frictional properties, as well as sludge and deposit prevention performance. IPAC has expertise and packages for virtually every category of lubricants, including the following: Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Additives. Our Tractor Hydraulic Additives work for all major tractor OEMs, providing • Automotive & Industrial Gear Oils excellent protection against gear wear including wet gears. • Passenger Car Motor Oils This is combined with great brake chatter performance • Pour Point Depressants and brake and clutch capacity. Our additives also provide • Grease Additives excellent oxidative and thermal stability and are proven in • After Market Products field performance. • Tractor Hydraulic Additives • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils Gear Additives. Our gear packages are designed for • Components inclusion in lubricants for automotive, heavy-duty truck, and • Fuel Additives bus manual transmissions and rear axles. IPAC Automotive & • Polymers/Viscosity Index Improvers Industrial Gear Additives help prevent wear, pitting, spalling, • Automatic Transmission Fluids and scoring; protect against oxidation, rust, copper corrosion • Hydraulic Oils and foaming; and promote longer tooth life and smoother • Tackifiers gear changes. INDUSTRIAL CRANKCASE Hydraulic A/W Additives. Our additives are designed Engine Oils. With rapid introduction of new engine oils to extend the life of critical hydraulic systems by providing requirements and specifications, blenders are faced with the excellent antiwear protection and EP performance while challenge of changing the way motor oils are formulated. also providing rust protection as well as thermal and IPAC’s passenger-car engine oil additives focus on delivering oxidative stability. Our products meet the needs of all the performance against these latest requirements, by first major hydraulic specifications. When you blend with IPAC continuing to prevent wear and deposit buildup but also hydraulic A/W additives at the recommended treat rate, your improving the engine oil’s contribution to fuel economy. products will have all the lubricating characteristics necessary Our packages also increase the oil’s resistance to oxidation to protect hydraulic systems against friction and wear, rust, and deterioration at high temperatures. When it comes oxidation, corrosion, and demulsibility. to heavy-duty diesel engine oil additives, our packages help protect engines from soot-related problems such as R&O, Turbine Oil Additives. IPAC’s Rust and Oxidation viscosity increase and oil filter plugging. Maintaining the Additive is a multifunctional hydraulic and turbine oil additive lubricant’s ability to prevent excessive wear and deposits in package which contains metal passivators for compound engines that use low- and high-sulfur-content diesel fuels is stability and longer fluid life. These packages provide excellent a challenge you can meet when you use IPAC additives. We oxidative stability and outstanding rust and corrosion offer a wide range of products to meet today’s current and inhibiting properties. Formulated for fluids used in wet past specifications. conditions at high temperatures and pressures, they are specifically designed to resist oxidative degradation from high temperature turbine operations.
  2. 2. GREASE ADDITIVE into your formulations and blends. These components are primarily used in multi-grade engine oils, gear oils, automatic IPAC Multifunctional Grease Additive is a metal free, extreme transmission fluids, power steering fluids, greases, and some pressure additive used in grease. It can replace your current hydraulic fluids. heavy metal technology, while maintaining or improving high Timken loads and minimizing 4-ball wear scar. It has a lower Another critical polymer choice is a Pour Point Depressant treat than your traditional “mixing” of components. It is (PPD), and IPAC’s line of PPDs are carefully selected to easy to use as it comes in a liquid form. It is environmentally provide the safest lubricant at low temperatures. PPDs are friendly and carries all global registrations. used to enable mineral oils to function efficiently at low temperatures, eliminating the harmful effects of wax and other crystallinity issues that might be encountered. FUEL ADDITIVES Our line of Polybutenes are chemically stable and resistant IPAC Fuel Additives play an important role in deposit to oxidation by light and moderate heat. All grades are water reduction on the valves and combustion chamber of the white, hydrophobic and non-toxic. Our products have a automobile. They reduce cold-start problems, emissions and narrow molecular weight distribution and negligible sulfur improve fuel-efficiency. IPAC’s Fuel Additives can be added in content. These non-polar hydrocarbon polymers have a high small quantities to improve current performance or provide solubility in aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated mediums and for a desired effect. These additives are added to gasoline or are compatible with a wide variety of organic materials. diesel fuels to provide improved performance or to correct deficiencies. Tackifiers are used to formulate lube oils and grease that require anti-drip characteristics and/or adhesion properties, and IPAC’s line of tackifiers provide the performance you AFTER-MARKET need to achieve these objectives. Look to our long chain high molecular weight polyisobutylenes, diluted in oxidative stable When you work with IPAC, you can count on complete paraffinic oil, to help solve the challenges you face. service and support to simplify your business. We provide technical and marketing support, performance testing, and regulatory assistance. IPAC has a full range of after-market products with specialized components, customized gasoline and diesel packages, octane enhancers and engine oil treatment. COMPONENTS IPAC can supply you with a wide range of Viscosity Index Improvers (VIIs), whether you are interested in liquids or solids. Our carefully selected polymers, added to a lubricant to improve the range of effective viscosity, are designed specifically for the lubricants market, unlike many polymers sold as VIIs into the market today. They effectively thicken the oil as temperature increases. This means that the lubricating effect of mineral oils can be extended across a wider temperature range. A balance between thickening efficiency and shear stability is important when selecting a polymer for use as a viscosity improver. IPAC VIIs give you the highest possible degree of thermal and oxidative stability when added
  3. 3. All our Services are Premium! Our goal is to provide the absolute best service to all of our customers, including an efficient supply chain that provides tangible benefits to our customers. While other manufacturers have standard services and premium services (at a cost to you), all of IPAC’s Services services are premium! Standard Packaging: Standard Loading Times: IPAC uses quality drums. We encourage our customers to Package 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday - Friday combine orders to take advantage of lower drum differentials Bulk 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday - Friday for products shipped from the same location. Minimum Order Quantity: Drums 4 drums Export Containerization: Bulk 1,000 gal. We can fill standard full 20 ft. or 40 ft. containers except where prohibited due to weight restrictions. Off-Loading Hours: IPAC carriers allow two hours for off-loading. After two Lead Times: hours, an hourly fee is assessed by the carrier. IPAC offers competitive lead times for our products. These lead times are generally applicable and reflect the time Transportation and Delivery: necessary to process and prepare a customer’s order in a safe and cost-effective manner. The lead times below are We have selected a limited number of reliable and quality expressed in business calendar days. This is the typical time driven partners to ensure your product is delivered under the required from order receipt to order shipment. right conditions, at the right time and to the right place. Lube Additives (Calendar Days) Bulk, Made-to-order 10 - 14 Days Railcar Deliveries: Package, Made-to-order 10 - 14 Days Railcar Demurrage (IPAC supplied railcar): Demurrage will These standard lead times are for the majority of our fuel be incurred after 7 free days. Free days are from constructive and lubricant additives and are based upon standard railcar placement until constructive receipt. All terms and conditions and truck loading requirements. Your IPAC CSR (Customer for railcar deliveries will be agreed upon prior to placement Service Representative) will be glad to provide you with of orders. Please contact your IPAC Sales Representative to specific lead times for the products you purchase. discuss delivery rates and options. Product Loading & Unloading: Primary Contacts/Order Handling: IPAC uses a set of basic criteria to ensure smooth and IPAC has a centralized, multi-lingual, Customer Service effective loading operations. Please contact your IPAC Sales Department in Dublin, CA for our customers. Representative/CSR with your special requirements. Customer Service (worldwide) (800) 720-7949 Customer Service (after hours) (925) 765-0210 Tanker Cleanliness: For a detailed list of your IPAC contacts, please contact your IPAC requires haulers to present a clean, dry, Department Sales Representative. of Transportation (DOT) specification road cargo tank trailer at the shipping location with a cleaning certificate regardless of the nature of the cargo. Exceptions can be approved with prior written agreement.
  4. 4. Order Entry and Acknowledgement: Split Load Orders: IPAC is committed to entering all orders received during IPAC offers split loads for a fee of $250.00 per truckload. normal business hours (7:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST), within 24 Please note that split loads are also subject to the freight hours of receipt. Our lead times are calculated from the time difference of that of single compartment loads. These are not an order is entered into our system. An acknowledgement our fees but the truck carrier fees. of your order will follow within 24-48 hours of order entry, delivered via fax or e-mail depending on your preference. IPAC continues to streamline the supply chain so that the Rail Car Orders: majority of orders placed by telephone can be confirmed at that time, without having to reschedule production or We offer shipment of our products via railcar. loading. Quality and Safety: IPAC’s Safety and Environmental Policy mandates that all For more information about IPAC’s products of our products can be manufactured and used safely. This and services, please contact your Sales means that IPAC will not only comply with the relevant legal requirements but also continue to improve all matters of Representative or our Customer Service health, safety and environmental protection. In particular, Department at (800) 720-7949. IPAC will provide information to our customers to ensure the transportation, storage, and use of our products is done in a safe and responsible manner. No Waiver Policy: IPAC operates on a no waiver policy on supply of all products. We will not ship products that do no meet mutually agreed upon specifications, analyzed by mutually agreed upon test methods. A certificate of analysis (C of A) containing the actual analysis for each lot or batch is provided with every shipment. Quick Turn Around Orders (QTA’s): If you have a need for a Quick Turn Around Order (QTA), we will do everything in our power to get the order out as soon as possible without delaying other customer’s shipments. Please note that there could be extra fees associated in producing that order quickly. These fees will be explained to you up front prior to processing the order.
  5. 5. International Petroleum and Additives Company Inc. (IPAC) has been involved in the additive marketplace for ten years now. From the beginning, our company has been rooted in delivering quality additives to customers and providing them with sound and cost-effective options to solve problems. We have grown as a result of that simple premise, and we have never abandoned our roots – providing you with high quality additives at the best possible prices. This philosophy combined with our expertise in the field of lubricant additives can deliver success for you, today and in the future. By working together with this goal in mind, we believe we can continue to grow together with our customers. The mission at IPAC is simple. Satisfy our customers’ needs while building strong relationships throughout the supply chain. This provides security of supply at the lowest possible cost. We do this because we know what our customers want – reliable supply at the best possible price. We continue to build our family of products and strengthen our manufacturing capabilities. We are also developing new products and programs to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our focus is on our customers, and by keeping your needs in mind, we know we will continue to meet mutually beneficial goals and objectives. We strive to manufacture, test, and deliver quality product that meet or exceed industry standards. You can rely on our knowledge of products, markets and the industry to keep ahead of your competitors. We invite you to tap into the resources of IPAC and to work with us to find innovative solutions. We are diverse, and we offer products across a broad range of categories. All products from IPAC are subjected to stringent laboratory testing for the latest requirements and specifications. Our team of researchers continually strive to meet and exceed new performance requirements. Ultimately, every quality specification requested by the end-user is met without exception. The sales personnel at IPAC, Inc. are professionally trained to advise, educate, and help you solve your lubrication challenges. As a group, the IPAC team of professionals offers you over 100 years of combined experience in the additives, chemical and lubricants business. We are eager to provide guidance and product support to each customer regardless of size or industry. When needed, collaboration between chemists and lab technicians can be arranged to meet the latest technology demands and changes. We personally treat each customer as our most important one. We take pride in providing the personal service and attention our customers deserve. With our broad range of products and flexible solutions, IPAC truly provides world-class service. Our customers benefit from timely quotes, low prices, high quality products, rapid deliveries, new product developments and personal attention. Professionalism, integrity, honesty, commitment and reliability are key elements of our business and our culture. I invite you to experience the IPAC way of business! We look forward to working with you. Sincerely yours, Brian Cereghino President
  6. 6. Our Mission: To be a leading global manufacturer and marketer of quality petroleum products and additives; focused on serving the independent lubricant producers, while providing ethical, personalized service and attention to the smallest detail. 7600 Dublin Blvd., Suite 240 office: 925.556.5530 Dublin, CA 94568 toll-free: 800.720.7949 fax: 925.556.5531