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Remote Desktop App: Splashtop 2 Take a Tour


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Learn more about Splashtop at

Remote Desktop App: Splashtop 2 Take a Tour

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Remote Desktop App: Splashtop 2 Take a Tour

  1. 1. Take a Tour
  2. 2. Create a Splashtop 2 account and sign in.
  3. 3. Visit to install the Splashtop Streamer and sign in.
  4. 4. Now connect to your computer. Hit refresh if you want to update the computer list.
  5. 5. A list of the gestures you can use to navigate your desktop from a mobile device.
  6. 6. Tap once to launch the keyboard. Tap twice to launch the control bar.
  7. 7. Control bar features.
  8. 8. Edit files on the go using the on-screen keyboard.
  9. 9. Use your favorite programs such as Photoshop.
  10. 10. Watch a movie with full audio and video support.
  11. 11. Play games with high frame rates and low latency.
  12. 12. Enable Trackpad Mode for more precision. Tap with two fingers to toggle on/off.
  13. 13. Use the Direction Key to play games.
  14. 14. Download Splashtop 2 from: