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  1. 1. How to Make Pulled Pork Using a Meat Smoker
  2. 2. What is a Smoking Smoking is a cookingprocess that uses smokefrom wood to flavor meatIs a type of slowcooking/low heat method Benefits :  Added Flavor  Smoking generally yields more moist/tender meats
  3. 3. Identifying Parts of the Smoker Key Components:  Water Pan  Wood/Charcoal box  Racks
  4. 4. Types of meat to useBostonbutt (top)Porkshoulder(bottom)
  5. 5. Seasoning and Flavoring Dry Rubs  Uses only dry seasonings  Rub into every crevice in order to season the entire surface of the meat Marinade  Can be done from 1 hour up to over night Mopping :  Much like marinating, except done during the cooking process
  6. 6. Getting started: Adding the wood What does the wood do ?  Adds a desired flavor  Types include apple wood, cherry wood, mesquite, oak, hickory etc. Preparing the wood  Soak the wood for 20-40 minutes to prevent the wood from burning too fast. Placing the wood.  Carefully place the wood evenly in the bottom of the smoker  If using a smoker with a heating coil do not place wood against the coil
  7. 7. Getting started: Preparing the SmokerFill the water pan withwater  Different smoker may have different size pans  Typically you should fill the pan within an inch of the topPlace the meat on theracks once thetemperature is highenoughTemperature Shouldreach around 240-250 Fº
  8. 8. Now your Cooking: What to do Mopping:  If you choose to brush your piece of meat while cooking, do it 3-4 times at even intervals Adding extra water  Can be done halfway through cooking  Can pour water directly through the racks into the pan Adding extra wood  If you desire more flavoring you can add more wood after the initial pieces have burned down  Caution: use thongs to prevent getting your hands too close to the heat source and being burned
  9. 9. Is dinner Ready Yet? When is the meat done?Meat should be pullingaway from the bone easilyGenerally cook time will be1 to 1.5 hours per pound ofmeatInternal Temperatureshould be 175Fº  Meat thermometer should be inserted into the middle of the meat without touching bone
  10. 10. Dinner time: pulling the meat How to pull the meat: 1. Pull the bone from the center of the meat. The meat should pull easily from the bone 2. Use a large fork or spatula and pull at the meat to mince it up Serving Suggestions:  Sandwiches  As a platter with sides