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<meta> startup organization "Starup accelerator progams"


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What is the startup accelerator

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<meta> startup organization "Starup accelerator progams"

  1. 1. <Meta> startup organizationsi.e. accelerator programsDepartment of Computer Engineering & InformaticsUniversity of PatrasSpiros Kapetanakis Co-Founder @ CoLab Athens
  2. 2. Outline• Networks– Innovation networks– Entrepreneurs networks– Share knowledge• Accelerator History• Accelerator components• Resource providers• Accelerator Benefits
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Social Graph
  5. 5. Accelerator History
  6. 6. European AcceleratorsFound in 2012Amsterdam, Netherlands8% equity15 000 funding10 teams in each batch
  7. 7. More than 300 Programs Globally
  8. 8. Accelerator componentsStartup Program MentorsInvestors
  9. 9. Customer Development modelSteve Blank
  10. 10. The Lean Startup
  11. 11. Business Canvas
  12. 12. The Accelerator CycleAwarenessApplicationProgramDemo Day
  13. 13. Resource providerAcademyAcceleratorsFundingAcceleratorsCorporate responsibilitiesAccelerator Program
  14. 14. Accelerator BenefitsStartup• Customerdevelopment• BusinessmodelInvestor• Lower risk• 1st ScreeningMentors• Social impact• ShareKnowledge