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Advanced Corporate Finance Courses at London Business School. LBS

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Lbs london businessschool

  1. 1. Advanced Corporate Finance Participant profile Name: Michal Handzlik Job title: Bank Director Organisation: PKO Bank, Poland (PKOBP) Nationality: Polish Career: Michal has worked in a variety of posts in the Polish banking sector, becoming a branch director in 1998, director of payment system products in 1999 and then a controlling director for PKOBP. After a five year period in retail banking as Managing Director of BPH, he returned to PKOBP where he is now Bank Director. “I found it amazing to be able whether investments should be continued. What I learnt from the programme was how to relate the models to actual to chat with people from all business, structured and positioned within context. It was also over the world – from different good to return to studying so long after university! Corporate finance is a science in a sense, so I was quite industries, with different surprised that our lecturer’s presentation style was so good, experiences, all exchanging and included lots of anecdotes. If I had the chance to go back on this course, or even one more advanced, I’d go back just their business knowledge.” for the lecturer. I was looking for a challenging programme, aimed at This programme was not directly connected to my personal participants who already have appropriate finance knowledge career; but in terms of my knowledge of valuation, I feel and qualifications. London Business School offered much extremely comfortable now as we look to expand our activities better programmes than any other schools that I researched, at PKOBP. In areas like valuation, the technical language and this course was the only one that fulfilled my agenda. is very important, so it’s increased my confidence during The Advanced Corporate Finance programme allowed me to negotiations. exchange knowledge, find worldwide specialists working in Since my return to the office last November, I have built different areas, and meet not just Directors, but Analysts and new valuation tools which will be useful for the company, Asset Managers practising in many different countries. colleagues and myself to analyse new investments. There were participants from 18 countries and I found it If you are looking for a great learning experience and want amazing to be able to chat and exchange business knowledge to enhance your thinking; and if you need to learn more with people from all over the world, from different industries about valuation then go on this course. If I choose another and with different experiences - not just during lectures but programme to attend in the future, the first place I’ll look is also during group work. London Business School. The strategic part of my job involves looking at M&A transactions, considering where to invest, and assessing