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Aed induction presentation_-_21_dec_2011


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Aed induction presentation_-_21_dec_2011

  1. 1. ALLIED EDUCATORS BackgroundAllied Educators work with teachers to nurture and develop everychild in school by raising the quality of interaction with every child. They will support the teachers in the application of innovative pedagogies to instruct and interact with each pupil. Helping students to do better! “We have to take care of their total well-being. Apart from learning academic subjects, they must also pick up life skills and develop positive attitudes in life.” The allied educators will also build rapport with the pupils to help them improve their self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of independence.
  2. 2. Allied Educator (AED) SchemePrevious Designation New Designation (with effect from 1 Jan 09)Full Time School Counsellors Allied Educator (Counselling)(FTSCs)Special Needs Officers (SNOs) Allied Educator (Learning and Behavioural Support)Education Associates (EDAs) Allied Educator (Teaching and Learning)
  3. 3. Roles and Contributions of the AEDS (Teaching and Learning)•Assists in CCAevents •Classroom management and• Chaperoning out behaviour guidancefor schoolactivities •Supervision of pupils •Learning and remediation Support •Development of learning and teaching resources •Assist in conducting Social and Emotional Learning Programme •Establish good rapport with pupils, teaching and non- teaching staff, and parents
  4. 4. Classroom and Pupils• Provide specific and differentiated learning and teaching support for individual or a group of pupil in the classroom.• Provide teaching and remediation support for pupils within or outside classroom. Undertake co-teaching responsibilities.• Assist teachers in the delivery of pastoral and disciplining classes.Conduct class behaviour observation to identify pupils with disruptive and distracting behaviours.• Builds rapport with teachers & AED(C) beyond learning to improve on other areas of discipline concern.
  5. 5. For The Level• Assisted in the level administration and provide logistic support to Level. Eg. Preparation of Maths Manipulatives, Science Experiments or English Resources depending on Core Committee• Assist and developed additional teaching and learning support programmes for pupils.• Administration of Deskcopies to teachers.• Assisted in the conduct of Co-curricular Programme, Training and Competitions.• Accompany students on learning journey, camps, visits, trips and out of school activities. Provided safety and medical coverage for pupils, teachers & parents during school events and activities
  6. 6. School and beyond• Involved in training of students in events for Canberra Fiesta• Assist in administration of examinations. Eg: Time Keeper for English Oral Exams, Deployment for PSLE LC and Oral Exams• Administered and conducted Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and Progress in International Reading Study (PIRLS)
  7. 7. Key Responsibilities Pupils School  Complement teachers with Contribute towards the practical aspect of deliveringacademic, behaviour and learning programmes to development of pupils  Collaborate with teachers in Leverage content / technical classroom management.expertise to deliver learning  Contribute to school activitiesprogrammes to pupils within and initiatives.specification area.  External Partners Self Collaborate with external  Maintain efforts forpartners to support activities continuous self & professionalrelated to pupils’ learning. development.  Practice self-care to maintain a healthy mental / emotional state.
  8. 8. 2011 DEPLOYMENT NIE Subject Core ReportingAEDs (T&L) Level Sub Committee CCA Specialization Committee Officer Science andMdm Teo Siew Lee P2 English English PCCG & Discipline Mr Mohd Fauzy Environmental Club Media Resource Library Parent SupportMdm Rozi Abdul P3 English English Mr Anthony Hin (MRL) Group (PSG) Maths & AV Club & SportMr Muhd Isham P4 Maths Audio Visual (AV) Ms Lee Pei Yan Science JournalismMs Lee Jun Chien P5 English English Audio Visual (AV) Track and Field Ms Rajasveri Health Education (HE)Mdm Janet Voo P6 Science Science Chinese Dance Mrs Teow-Chia & Physical Ed (PE)
  9. 9. Questions& Answer (Q&A)
  10. 10. References• learning/• force/recruit-committed-quality-educators/