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PURA Milk - Media/Creative/Strategic Brief


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PURA Milk - Media/Creative/Strategic Brief

  3. 3. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose PRODUCT Pura Milk Regular Full Cream SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS This Pura Milk campaign focuses on Australian parents between the ages of 30 - 50. The objectives of this campaign include: - Understanding Pura Milk’s position among Australian milk consumers - Determining how milk fits into the target audience’s lifestyle - Discovering which media would be most suitable for targeting the audience - Determining our closest competitors CLIENT Pura Milk is a part of National Foods Ltd; the only milk and juice company that services the entire Australian market (National Foods online). AC Nielsen’s Top 100 Brands reported that in 2004/2005 Pura Milk was in the number 1 position in the category ‘fresh milk’ (2010). However, in the same report conducted in 2008, Pura Milk came second to Pauls Milk in the same category. Currently, Pura Milk is Australia’s favourite milk (Dairy Ausralia, 2005). Pura Milk is Pauls Milk closest competitor and is looking to maintain its glory as Australia’s number one milk. 3
  4. 4. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose CATEGORY/MARKET Category: Fresh Milk (FMCG) Market Share: National Foods current value share 38% in Australia. Pura Milk leading brand of drinking milk product with 19% value market share, also within Australia. (Euromonitor, 2010) Major Competitors: Pauls Milk, Dairy Farmers (Euromonitor, 2010) Indirect Competitors: Supermarket/generic brands such as You’ll Love Coles, Coles Smart Buy and Woolworths (Euromonitor, 2010). Seasonal Sale Variation: Sales fairly steady year round, drinking milk products consumed throughout the day, though warm beverages (i.e. coffee) consumed more during cooler seasons (Euromonitor, 2010). Geographic Differences: Milk sales are generally higher in Victoria and Sydney (Euromonitor, 2010). Socio-economic concerns: Easing commodity prices in milk, bringing down unit prices. Indulgence a key factor in driving growth, with chocolate based products a favourite among Australian consumers (Euromonitor, 2010). PLACE Pura Milk is sold in supermarkets and milk bars Australia wide. PRICE 2L = $3.65 (CHOICE 2009) BRAND Branding that emphasizes the honesty and dedication of Pura Milk to continue being Australia’s favourite milk brand and also a brand that is committed to the health of all Australian families. 4
  5. 5. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES - Sourced from Australia - advertising predominately for - Australia’s favourite milk (top Light and No Fat brands 100 brand) - awareness of generic brands - Top of mind brand increasing - prices mid range OPPORTUNITIES THREATS - growing awareness of need for - generic milk has 43% of market more calcium in daily life share - people drinking more milk based - target audience becoming more products i.e. coffees and thrifty smoothies. - price increases due to interest rate hikes CATEGORY AND BRAND INSIGHTS Dairy Australia reports that the dairy industry is recovering from the economic downturn, with prices recovering in 2009. 60% of farmers remain positive for the future of the milk industry (Dairy Australia, 2009). However, Dairy Australia also reports there has been negative growth in the category of branded milks and a very positive growth of the volumes of generic milks being bought by consumers (about 5%) (Dairy Australia, 2009). While Australian Food News is predicting that world prices will remain relatively stable, Australian prices for 2010 – 2011 will rise to try and recover from a low experienced in mid 2009. The dairy industry is a world competitive industry, however consumers like to think that they are buying locally sourced dairy products to support their nation (Dairy Australia, 2009). Recently, several current affair television programs have conducted reports on the differences between branded milks and generic milks. This has heightened awareness to the sameness of branded and generic milks and pushed several consumers to opt for the cheaper un-branded milks (CHOICE 2009). Where Pura Milk is in Australia Pura Milk is Australia’s favourite milk brand according to the Nielsen Top 100 Brands Report (2009). However, in 2008 Pauls Milk claimed 14th position in Adnews top 100 grocery brands ahead of Pura which was 17. Currently, Pauls Milk is Pura Milk’s closest competitor. 5
  6. 6. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose Fig 1. Euromonitor, Drinking Milk Products – Australia, Company Shares. [National Foods (Pura) 2008 Company Shares at 38.3%. Parmalat (Pauls) 13.4%] Why Pura Milk is here - To provide the consistency in milk products that keeps it Australia’s top milk. - To give Australian consumers a no fuss brand they can trust. 6
  7. 7. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose TARGET MARKET INSIGHTS Research indicates that the primary buyer of milk is the grocery buyer of the family, who is in most cases the head of the household aged between 30 -50 (Euromonitor 2009). According to an Emerald Insight report, the primary grocery buyer makes their milk buying decision based on the following factors (in no particular order): price, freshness, good taste, lack of preservatives, health reasons and nutrition (2001). The grocery buyer of the family is looking to buy the best for their family at a decent price. The target market we are looking at are the primary grocery buyers of the family and are aged between 30 – 50 years, predominately female. This age bracket was chosen because research states that this is the age where most people have started a family and are earning the most money from their chosen careers. They are within the B and C1 social status hierarchy (Euromonitor, 2009). The following statements were made based on research from sites Euromonitor, Australian Bureau of Statistics and Emerald Insight. Education and work The primary grocery buyer works either part time, full time or not at all. And generally has children. They have completed high school and some have a tertiary degree. They hold down a typical office job and are of middle class income. Psychographics The target audience are constantly searching for ways to make life easier, but feel guilty when this means compromising their family’s health and well-being. The target audience wants the best they can provide for their family, at a reasonable cost. Leisure and Entertainment The target market values the spare time they manage to get. Usually this is spent reading magazines and watching television dramas and lifestyle shows. The target audience makes a conscious effort to remain active. Consumption Habits The grocery buyer is a brand switcher with grocery staples such as bread, milk, toilet paper, but will stay loyal if the item delivers consistency in quality and price. Media Consumption PRINT Herald Sun, The Age, Courier Mail, SMH, Better Homes & Gardens, Super Food Ideas, Women’s Weekly, That’s Life, Royal Auto, New Idea. TELEVISION Channels 10, 9, 7 and ABC. News, early fringe, prime time. 7
  8. 8. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose RADIO Sydney (drivetime) – 2DAY, NOVA 96.9, 2MMM Melbourne (drivetime) – FOX FM, 3MMM, NOVA, GOLD 104.3 Brisbane (drivetime) – NOVA, B105, 4MMM, 97.3 FM OTHER Online Transit/OOH Direct Mail COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Fig. 2 CHOICE, Generic Brands and Prices A 2009 CHOICE article reports that within several supermarkets of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, more than 80 different brands of milk were found. Even though the market is mostly dominated by the two milk giants Parmalat and National Foods. Most milks sold fall under one or more of the following categories. • Full cream makes up nearly half of all fresh milk sales. To qualify it needs to contain at least 3.2% fat, as specified by the Food Standards Code. Most brands contain about 3.4% fat and 3.3% protein. • Light/low-fat is the second-biggest category (30% of fresh milk sales). To qualify for the description, milk should contain no more than 1.5% fat, with most brands containing 1.3% to 1.4%. Often this milk has skim milk powder added to it, which makes it taste creamier and also boosts the calcium content. • Skim Food can be labelled “fat-free” if it contains less than 0.15% fat, and most brands of skim contain about 0.1%. Again, most brands contain extra skim milk powder which makes the milk taste creamier and gives it extra protein and calcium. However there are also organic milks, flavoured milks, goats milk, private label milk and several other milks claiming to have additives that will aid growth or prevent disease. CHOICE claims that branded milk is no different from generic milk, having the same qualities and half the price. 8
  9. 9. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose The following figure is a snap shot of competing milks in the full cream category. Most importantly the table shows competitor prices and unit sizes bought. For the purpose of this brand analysis, we will only be looking at other 2L brands. 9
  10. 10. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose BRAND ANALYSIS Pura Milk has an entire range of specialized milks that include the more promoted brands such as Pura Light Start and Pura Tone. There are other specialized milks including Pura Boost, Pura Gold, Pura Hilo, Pura Skimmer, Pura Cafe, Pura HeartActive and Pura Kids. According to the AdNews Top 100 Grocery Brands Insights (2010), Pura is 25th in the category of Top 25 Purchased Brands, being the only one in its category of ‘Fresh White Milk’. In the last Top 100 conducted in 2008, Pura came in at 17th position, below Paul’s Milk, which was in at 12th. This rivalry between the two dairy giants; Parmalat and National Foods has always been close being that they are the two market leaders (Euromonitor, 2010). MEDIA OBJECTIVES The media chosen for this campaign reflects the media consumption of the target audience who spend their leisure time watching lifestyle programs and reading magazines. This campaign is a maintenance campaign, focusing on keeping Pura Milk at top of mind status by reinforcing the family values and health benefits that make it Australia’s favourite milk. 10
  12. 12. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose CLIENT: National Foods BRAND: Pura Regular Full Cream Milk RATIONALE FOR RE-LAUNCH Current Pura Milk advertising campaigns focus primarily on Pura’s range of low fat milks, as opposed to its regular milk. This is because consumers are becoming more conscious of their bodies and fat intakes. Although sales for its regular milk is strong, a maintenance campaign needs to be implemented so that sales for Pura Regular do not plateau or drop due to the sales of low fat milks or the substitute generic milks which are also gaining a steady market share. At the moment Pura Regular is in its ‘mature’ lifecycle and risks losing top-of-mind awareness as Pauls Milk, Pura’s closest direct competitor are increasing their market share. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES To maintain top-of-mind awareness within Target Market Aim is to keep the Target Market drinking Pura and reassure them of the brand’s presence within the milk market. To increase brand loyalty by 10% We want to encourage the Target Market to keep drinking Pura Milk by averting their buying away from generic label brands. CATEGORY & BRAND INSIGHTS Where Pura is in Australian milk market • Pura is the leading brand of milk bought in Australia, closely followed by Paul’s Milk. • Current affair programs have blurred the lines between branded milk and generic milk • Generic milks are gaining a steady market share. Why Pura is here now • The Pura Regular campaign will reassure consumers of Pura’s presence in the dairy market. • Pura Regular has not advertised in a long while • Pura risks losing sales to generic milk brands 12
  13. 13. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES - To re-establish Pura as a top of mind brand - To reassure consumers of Pura Regular’s brand presence - To gain brand loyalty among 20% of target audience NOW FUTURE “I know that when I buy “I’m starting to think all THINK Pura I am guaranteed a milks are the same” quality product” “In the end it’s just milk “Pura is the only milk I FEEL after all” can give my family” “I buy only Pura because I DO “I switch milk brands” trust and rely on the product and brand” EMOTIONAL REWARD “I feel satisfied knowing I am giving my family the best” END BENEFIT Calcium intake, healthy as a part of a balanced lifestyle BRAND BENEFITS Trusted brand, consistent quality, reliable BRAND ATTRIBUTES Locally sourced, supports the Australian dairy industry 13
  14. 14. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose TARGET AUDIENCE Demographics Grocery buyers/parents, mostly female, aged 30 – 50 B and C1 social status hierarchy Have started a family One of the grocery buyers work part time, full time or not at all Psychographics Makes milk buying decision based on price, freshness, good taste, lack of preservatives, health reasons and nutrition They are constantly searching for ways to make life easier, but feel guilty when this means compromising their family’s health and well-being. The target audience wants the best they can provide for their family, at a reasonable cost. Fears and thoughts Not having enough time for themselves Not enough time in the day Work/family balance Worry they are not getting enough exercise and eating well Drinks Pura Regular Milk They consume Pura Regular because it’s apart of their routine Give to their children to give them calcium and nutrients Feels Pura Regular Pura is a trusted brand and delivers consistency and quality in all of their products Competitors Pauls Milk (direct) Generic Label Milk (direct substitute) Low fat, skinny, no fat milks (indirect) POSITIONING STATEMENT Pura Regular is a trusted brand that will deliver consistency and quality. SMP Pura Milk is there for me throughout the day. BRAND BENEFITS Pura Regular Milk is a trusted and consistent milk that will deliver whenever you choose to drink it. BRAND PERSONALITY Motherly, Understanding, Perceptive. 14
  15. 15. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose THE BIG IDEA To increase brand loyalty and stay top-of-mind with our consumers we need to reassure them that Pura Regular is still in the market and thinking of its consumers. Pura will reassure them through the: Pura ‘Regular’ Moment The ‘regular moment’ is all about the routine that our family has throughout the day that involves milk. This includes the morning coffee, the afternoon tea, the after school milkshake – all the little habits we have all use milk and it is this fact we wish to draw on. This campaign will create a familiarity between the consumer and Pura Regular Milk and through the ‘motherly’ tone, remind the consumer of Pura’s presence and assure them that Pura is still here and still understands their needs. 15
  17. 17. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose MEDIA RATIONALE Advertising is weighted heavily through the cooler months due to more people drinking hot drinks such as coffee and hot chocolate and also heavily during the busier and warmer months of October through to December due to people preparing for the holiday an Christmas season (Euromonitor 2010). The months targeted are also working months, therefore it will be highly likely commuters will see outdoor advertising. Months featuring television and newspaper/magazine advertising are in the winter months because it is likely due to the colder weather people will be indoors and are able to see ads. No advertising has been allocated in the months of April and September. This is because these months are right on the edges of the winter and holiday periods respectively and it is believed that the budget would be better spent having a heavy advertising presence during direct periods of milk consumption than in slower sales months. Although January and February are considered to be holiday months, advertising presence is low in these months (only online, POP and competition used) because 2009 sales figures showed that milk buying experienced a low point here (Dairy Australia 2009). Also as many families travel during these periods metropolitan and suburban targeting would be wasted. Target Audience: Australian parents (grocery buyer in particular) aged 30 – 50. Where? Metropolitan and suburban Melbourne and Sydney. When? During the winter months (June, July and August) and busy spring/summer months (November, January and February). Approach? Through the line approach chosen to target the audience in different medias they peruse in order to gain maximum reach and frequency. How will we reach them? PRINT: Newspapers – Herald Sun and Sydney Morning Herald Magazines – Better Homes and Gardens, New Idea, That’s Life! and Super Food Ideas OUTDOOR: AdShel bus shelters TELEVISION: 30 second free to air primetime – Channel 10 during Masterchef Channel 9 during TODAY show 17
  18. 18. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose POINT-OF- PURCHASE: Shelf wobblers, trolleys COMPETITION: Enter online or by mail (using competition entry forms on shelf) ONLINE: Banner Ads on and How often will Target Audience see the campaign? Flighting media schedule allows Pura to get audience’s attention at peak times without bombarding them. Campaign Length: 12 months Time Period: April 2011 – March 2012 Reach: 8,750,057 people Allocated Budget: $2,500,000 Budget: $2,420,564.73 MEDIA STRATEGY AND TACTICS PRINT Newspapers are still mainly read by the 30 – 50 demographic (Herald Sun 2009), thereby giving Pura an optimum medium to target their audience. Advertisements for Pura Regular will be 1/3 and ¼ page ads, featuring in lifestyle sections and food/cooking sections of the newspapers. Magazines selected (two monthly, and two weekly) allow for Pura to maintain a solid presence within the Target Audience’s mind. Both newspapers and magazines will work alongside each other within the winter months time frame. This time frame was chosen because the target audience is far more likely to be inside reading a newspaper or magazine and enjoying a little ‘me- time’ with a cup of tea or coffee. We want to engage the consumer while they are actively consuming a milk product and make them think about the milk that was used in that product. 18
  19. 19. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose A magazine campaign will run during the Spring/Summer months to complement online presence Pura Regular will have during that time. The magazines will carry promotional recipes using Pura Regular. These recipes will be holiday/Christmas based and will get consumers thinking about purchasing more Pura products. OUT-OF-HOME AdShel offers excellent location specific positioning of their bus shelters in high traffic areas. More people travel into the city by catching public transport during Spring/Summer time for Christmas parties, meeting up with friends and for events held in the city. Therefore by advertising in this time frame, bus shelters and trams will prove to be effective. TELEVISION We aim to advertise during both primetime and daytime spot to target specific audiences at different times. The daytime position will target viewers of Channel 9 during the TODAY show and the primetime position will target viewers of Channel 10 during Masterchef. The daytime spot looks to target the stay at home mother or parent who is perhaps maintaining the house while having the TV on in the background. The primetime spot looks to target our audience who is perhaps sitting down after dinner with the whole family. ONLINE More and more people are using the Internet everyday and our Target Audience is no exception. They are interested in lifestyle and cooking and are frequently searching these sites for new recipes and ideas for the home. We are looking to put banner ads on both and (Better Homes and Gardens) to encourage the consumer to click-through to get free recipes using Pura Regular Milk and also to enter the competition to win $200 a fortnight. POINT-OF-PURCHASE Shelf wobblers and trolleys will be used as a subtle reminder to purchase Pura Regular Milk. They will also serve to promote the competition running in the Spring/Summer months. The shelf wobblers will be located in dairy section along with entry forms for consumers who wish to enter via mail. COMPETITION The competition promoted through Point of Purchase and Online media encourages the Target Audience to submit their ‘Pura Regular Moment’. The idea of the ‘Pura Regular Moment’ is a routine of consumption where Pura Regular is used. The ‘Pura Regular Moment’ complements the print, television and outdoor campaigns and encourages the consumer to get involved with the advertising. 19
  20. 20. PURA MILK MEDIA PLAN Adele Rose REFERENCES AdNews 2008, Top 100 Grocery Brands, 11 January 2008, viewed 23 March 2010, <> AdShel 2009, Panel Rates, viewed 4 May 2010, < 1> Armstrong G., Durkin M., Hollywood L., Using Behavioural and Motivational Thinking in Food Segmentation, Emerald Insights, viewed 15 March, < ?contentType=Article&Filename=Published/EmeraldFullTextArticle/Articles/089035 0902.html> Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2002, Australian Social Trends, Living Arrangements, Changes Across Australian Generations, viewed 19 March 2010, < d1c6318624603ca2570ec000a9fe9!OpenDocument> CHOICE 2009, Milk Products Review and Compare, 10 September 2009, viewed 17 March 2010,< and-drink/Groceries/Milk-products-compared/Page/Introduction.aspx> Drake I., 2010, Australian Dairy Prices Projected to Rise, World Dairy Prices Firm, Australian Food News, viewed 16 March 2010, < rise-world-dairy-prices-firm.html> Euromonitor International 2010, Consumer Lifestyles – Australia, Euromonitor Industries, viewed 21 March 2010, Euromonitor International 2010, Drinking Milk Products – Australia, Euromonitor Industries, viewed 20 March 2010, Fairfax Media 2010, Sydney Morning Herald Rates, viewed 4 May 2010, <> Ginnivan M., 2009, Australian Dairy Industry in Focus, Dairy Australia, viewed 17 March 2010, <> Pacific Magazines 2010, Better Homes and Gardens Rates, viewed 14 May 2010, < 3915-455c-ab41-fd85f7645d02> Pacific Magazines 2010, New Idea, viewed 14 May 2010, < bc21-400a-97fc-732b22328062> 20
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