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5 stressful statements to reconsider


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Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death–heart
disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide. This article offers a few things you need to know about stress MYTHS.

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5 stressful statements to reconsider

  1. 1. 5 Statements to Reconsider About StressBREATHEWhen the pressure is mounting Getting involved with your community makes you more mentally resilientand your to-do list seems endless,very often your breathing will Feeling stressed could be geneticsuffer. When you are not breathingproperly, your body isn’t getting the Having a healthy body weight makes women less depressedoxygen it needs, and you will startto feel unwell. When you are in a Anxiety may affect cardiovascular healthstressful situation, take five 75 to 90 percent of all physician office visits are for stress-minutes to focus on breathing related ailments and complaints.deeply. Flush out your lungs andtake even, deep breaths for some Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death–heartneeded stress relief. This will calm disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of theyour mind and body and give you a liver, and suicide.fresh outlook. 1. I work best under stress. This is a fairly common myth - and a dangerous one at that. At one point, I used to tell myself I worked better under pressure. Having deadlines andMEDITATE striving to move beyond current goals can be motivating, but if the accompanying feelingsSometimes you simply aren’t able include anxiety about the deadlines, frustration, irritability or overwhelm, or if the body isto block off a larger chunk of time physically reacting with the stress responses, it is not motivation - it is stress. Did you knowto do something relaxing. Perhaps that cortisol, the hormone released when the body is stressed, is toxic to the brain? It killsdeadlines are looming or you’re brain cells in the hippocampus, which is the memory and learning center of your brain.facing an especially busy season. Excessive cortisol can also speed up the aging process in this part of the brain. Other stressMeditation can bring immediate hormones take glucose, the brains basic food, and send to the muscles. So, while peoplestress relief, and can be an think they work better under stress, it is scientifically proven that stress negatively affectsinvaluable tool in long-term stress creativity, memory, learning and optimal mental Practicingmeditation will help you to quicklyclear your mind of negative 2. Stress is a part of life. It seems that stress has become a way of life in our culture, but that doesnt make stress all right to accept it as part of your daily existence and it certainlystressors as you slip into a state of doesnt make stress healthy for you. Stress hormones released over extended periods of timerelaxation and peace. Learning wear down both the body and the mind. Chronic stress suppresses the immune system andeffective meditation does take time causes the over production of cortisol which contributes to chronic inflammation. It can alsoand discipline, but it is a proven cause high blood pressure, fatigue and increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, just tostress-buster for anyone who name a few.masters it. Healing Arts
  2. 2. 5 Statements to Reconsider About Stress 3. My stress is a result of my circumstances. Actually, stress is not whats happening to us, is is our bodys response to our subjective mental interpretation of an event or situation. Let me explain what I mean by subjective mental interpretation.EXERCISE Subjective mental interpretation is simply how we think about the situation causing theYou don’t have to schedule a full stress. Here is an example to help make it even more clear. If three individualsworkout at the gym every day to experience the same particular situation, one may find that situation stressful, the secondreap the stress relieving benefits of may find it exciting, and the third might not be affected at all. It is our PAST beliefs andexercise. Even a ten minute walk PAST experiences that give us the frame of reference for HOW we deal with or HOW wein the fresh air and sunshine can interpret any given situation. Becoming aware of our beliefs, expectations, and thoughtdo wonders for you. The change of patterns is a key factor in stress management. Methods forscenery gets your mind off thework for a time and the exercisewill help you to breathe deeply. 4. I handle my stress through exercise. While exercise is helpful in relieving stress, it is only one piece of the puzzle and does not address the core role that thoughts play inWhile it’s great if you can get the process. Remember it isnt rush hour traffic or ... causing our stress, it is how we thinkvigorous exercise regularly or about those situations. It is necessary then to trigger a relaxation response that will bringsome bodybuilding workouts, just a both body and mind into a more calm and peaceful state. Exercise such as yoga andsmall amount of exercise daily can dance are an excellent start. Adding breathing and meditation are key components tobring a great amount of stress bringing the body back in balance. Meditation shifts brain activity to the left side of therelief. brain, allowing the often over worked right side to rest. There countless ways to meditate, so explore there is one out there for where you are now (see the meditation section toEAT RIGHT explore some various methods: Additional ways to relaxWhen your work is overwhelming, may include taking the time to do things you enjoy such as reading, taking a bath,it can be very tempting to neglect spending time in nature or with a pet...any time when you feel relaxed and can take time toyourself – especially in areas like just enjoy the moment.nutrition. Substituting a quicksnack or soda for a meal mightsave you some time immediately, 5. I dont have time to do anything about my stress. This is a Big Red Flag!!! You need to de-stress before an illness forces you to do something about it. Think aboutbut in the long run it will hurt your the last time you had the flu, miserable, laid up in bed and unable to do anything but writhehealth and make you even more in pain. Your life gets put on hold, despite any deadlines or responsibilities you may have.susceptible to the effects of stress. It may feel like there is not enough time with all of lifes daily pressures - I know, Ive beenA healthy diet will bring overall there - but, the affects of stress are deadly serious and its much easier to work on stressphysical and emotional wellness. management before it puts you in the hospital. This is precisely what this program addresses... learning what works and doesnt work to manage stress and finding/making time throughout the day to relax, re-frame, and recharge. Healing Arts
  3. 3. PLAY!When your to-do list seems a milelong, playing may be the last thingyou feel like doing. It might seemfrivolous or like a waste of timeinitially, but taking time to relax withfamily or friends can be some ofthe best stress relief therapy.Laughter releases tension andprovides a better outlook. Simplegames and creative hobbies areproven stress-relievers as theyrelax you and bring overall peaceto both mind and body.For more information on any of ourservices please visit us on theWeb at: SERVICES AVAILABLE MEDITATION YOGA DANCE BREATHING INFORGRAPHIC SOURCE Causes Of Stress Infographic Via Austin TX Phone 555.543.5432 Healing Arts
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  5. 5. Indications of poor stress control: Feeling you are under constant pressure Moodiness, irritability, anger and sadness Digestive problems HeadachesFOCUSED THOUGHT Difficulty focusing, foggy thinkingContemplating a specific problem, Sleeping disturbancesand in turn, falling into a state of Frequent colds, flu, illnessflow. Time slows as you Anxietycontemplate a specific problem. DepressionBRAINWAVE TRAINING Stress management solutions:Brainwave training, a scientific tool Just Breathe!for transformation, is the quickest Moderate Exerciseand most efficient way to access Yogadeep, profound meditation states Dancethat awaken the power and Tai chipotential of the mind. Walking Meditation Focused contemplation Guided meditation/visualization Brainwave Training Dietary Adjustments Cut out or cut back on caffeine and alcohol Make time for hobbies you enjoy Learn to say no Watch Your Thoughts When feeling stressed, stop and observe your thoughts about the situation Let Go of the Past Learn more at Healing Arts