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Content Marketing World 2015 On Twitter


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We've curated some of the best tweets on #CMWorld 2015. Content Marketing World, Cleveland, Ohio.

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Content Marketing World 2015 On Twitter

  1. 1. #CMWorld 2015. Our favourite from Twitter.
  2. 2. @crestodina “Never bring an opinion to a data fight.”
  3. 3. Creating a Content Galaxy: How to Save Time and Improve Quality with Repurposing from Amy Higgins #CMWorld... XB @20Four7VA
  4. 4. @brianclark Sitting next to a guy on the plane who is clearly going to #CMWorld too. I'll pretend not to know what it is and casually mock him.
  5. 5. @halvorson “The only way we differentiate is how we communicate.”
  6. 6. @unmarketing “If you’re not giving credit for something, you’re taking it.”
  7. 7. @jaybaer “Content is the emotional and informational bridge between commerce and consumer.”
  8. 8. “Tomorrow morning I’ll ask my collegues at @spoon_content if they are making content, or if they are making a difference.” @BjornOwenGlad @jaybaer
  9. 9. @moxieingreen “Writing a blog post on Rebecca Lieb's #CMworld session + keep spelling "metrics" as "metricks"...think my brain is broke please send help.”
  10. 10. @bernieborges Content Marketing is a Movement… Thoughts From Content Marketing World 2015
  11. 11. @leeodden “Incorporate Participation Marketing for More Scalable Content Marketing”
  12. 12. Thank You!