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Listening & Storytelling for Nonprofits


Published on This is an updated version of the Social Media for Nonprofits: Listening, Setting Goals, Storytelling presentation from Spiral16's marketing/communications manager Eric Melin. It focuses on starting with a goal-oriented foundation for your social media strategy, covers tips for online listening, and goes into the steps for telling effective stories that will connect people with your mission.

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Listening & Storytelling for Nonprofits

  1. 1. Nonprofit Listening &StorytellingEric Melin@SceneStealrEric #SocialIRL@Spiral16 Dec. 4, 2012
  2. 2. Spiral16 OverviewSpiral16 provides a robust software platform withcustomized services for Internet tracking, analysis, andreporting.Spiral16 gives companies the key insights they needfrom the web and social media to make smarterdecisions and gain a competitive edge.12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 2
  3. 3. Nonprofit Opportunity • Online fundraising continues to grow with 73% of organizations raising more in 2011 than 2010 • Online giving continues to grow fastest for small organizations • Advocacy continues to play a key role in online engagement - 2012 Convio Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index™ Study12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 3
  4. 4. Start With What You Know You’ve identified your organization’s goals already. Nonprofit goals Social media program Success Now think about how you can achieve those goals through a social media program.12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 4
  5. 5. 3 Things to Remember
  6. 6. Social Media is a Component Use it to support your existing organizational strategy.• Create a structure for your program based on theunique needs of your nonprofit.• Build it from the ground up.• The more customized, the better.• Social media does not support every goal effectively.12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 6
  7. 7. Social Media Isn’t Free It takes valuable time.You need human resources for:PlanningContent creationMonitoringMeasurementAnalysisCreative insight…and more.12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 7
  8. 8. Tools Are Not Strategies• Twitter• Facebook Being active on• Blogs these platforms is• Forums only important• YouTube if• Foursquare using them helps• Instagram you reach your goal.• Pinterest• LinkedIn12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 8
  9. 9. Where Do You Start?
  10. 10. The First Step is Listening• Monitor mentions of your organization, common abbreviations• Look for mentions of your events• Monitor keywords around your cause or issue• Find mentions of your executives• Identify how far your other campaigns’ reach is• Learn from language, strategies of similar nonprofits12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 10
  11. 11. Insights From Listening• Where are people talking about you and what are they saying? Identify advocates.• Is there a community built up around your events? Should you create one?• Who’s talking about your cause? Can you forge a partnership?• What is the sentiment surrounding your CEO?• Where have you or others’ similar campaigns succeeded/failed?12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 11
  12. 12. Data Drives the StrategyListening allows you to identify opportunities.Knowing the online space will inform how you build every facet of your social media program.12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 12
  13. 13. examples to start with
  14. 14. Practical Applications for Social Media - Blackbaud , Social Media Learning Series: Marketing Communication
  15. 15. Research Community Around Your Issue/TopicUsing keywords that relateto the issue and NOT theorganization, the client couldsee where to prioritizeengagement.12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 15
  16. 16. Research Your Digital FootprintUsing organization-related keywords, theclient was able tocompare the volume ofthe issue vs. theorganization itself.They found that onlineforums contained tonsof discussion.12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 16
  17. 17. Prioritize EngagementBlogs made up 46% of onlineactivity. The challenge for anyorganization regarding blogengagement is TIME.It’s important to figure out whichblogs merit the effort and time ofthe team. While every blogger isimportant and every voicecounts, some voices are morepowerful than others.12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 17
  18. 18. How to Engage? People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 18
  19. 19. Stories Convey Passion12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 19
  20. 20. Stories AreInspirationalStories ConnectPeople to Your CauseStories Raise MoreMoney and MoreAwareness12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 20
  21. 21. Storytelling Tips Nonprofit stories have the unique ability to allow people to feel and want to be a part of something bigger. • Think about the stories that surround your mission. • Share inspiring stories at meetings. • Create an organizational story bank to record them. • Be patient. The best stories aren’t always the ones that jump out at you. Sometimes the real stories are the ones you only notice after interacting with people several times. #SocialIRL 21
  22. 22. Telling a Story With PicturesMay/June 2012Site AssessmentTrip toGuatemala12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 22
  23. 23. Challenge: Explaining What We Do What works better? This:AboutOur PASSION is to make a difference! Engineers Without Borders-USA: Sunflower State Professionals is a non-profit humanitarianorganization of Kansas professionals established to supportcommunity-driven development programs worldwide.MissionEWB-USA supports community-driven development programsworldwide by collaborating with local partners to design andimplement sustainable engineering projects, while creatingtransformative experiences and responsible leaders.12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 23
  24. 24. Challenge: Explaining What We Do Or This:12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 24
  25. 25. Reach = # of people who have seen postEngaged Users = # of people who have clicked on postTalking About This = # of people who shared, liked, commentedVirality = % of people who have created a story from postLate April/Early May Daily Averages:Reach: 78Engaged Users: 3.7Talking About This: 1.8Virality: 3.1%12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 25
  26. 26. Human Interest w/ Captions12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 26
  27. 27. Tapping Into Curiosity12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 27
  28. 28. How Culture is Different12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 28
  29. 29. 12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 29
  30. 30. Daily Averages for Guatemala Photo Album:Reach: 355 (+277 people)Engaged Users: 116 (+112.3 people)Talking About This: 26 (+24.2 people)Virality: 7.2% (+4.1%)Photos introduce then reinforce the message of the group and… humanize both the organization and the Ch’orti’ Maya.12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 30
  31. 31. Before & After Photo Album Stats 700 Matasano photo album begins 600 500 Daily People Talking About This 400 Daily Page Engaged Users 300 Daily Total Reach 200 Daily Viral Reach 100 0 5/2/12 5/7/12 6/1/12 6/6/12 4/22/12 4/27/12 5/12/12 5/17/12 5/22/12 5/27/12 6/11/12 12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 31
  32. 32. Ideas for Video Storytelling • Use video for emotion and motion. • Keep it simple and short—break longer stories into shorter ones, each with their own arc. • Leave statistics out of videos. • Don’t fear the close-up. Exaggerate emotion for the audience. • The best videos go beyond tragedy – moving forward to transformation – to create hope. • Watch other videos for inspiration. #SocialIRL 32
  33. 33. steps to tell great stories
  34. 34. 4 Steps 1. Connect the string of facts to find the story. 2. Push beyond the facts. Tell a simple truth of your organization and/or humanity. Get creative. 3. Think of the difference you make as a movie—with a beginning, middle and end. 4. What is catalytic? What brings people together? - Dan Portnoy, The Non-Profit Narrative12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 34
  35. 35. Effective Storytelling ―The Force‖ Volkswagen commercial12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 35
  36. 36. Using the 4 Steps1. Facts: Passat demo – nice house, family, children of the 70s. Benefit: remote start.2. Push beyond the facts: Passat makes people feel goodabout themselves, can create special moments with yourfamily.3. Beginning: Kid with imagination. Middle: Kid struggles tofeed imagination. End: Kid succeeds and is stunned!4. Truth about being human: Imagination rewarded:Moments like this bring people closer together. 12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 36
  37. 37. Social Media Case Study Storytelling & Call to Action The Goal: The Hurdle: A two-step Win the contest registration process & single- to open for vote limit.12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 37
  38. 38. Social Media Case Study Storytelling & Call to Action Goal: Get more online votes than the other four bands. Strategy: Mobilize friends and family to spread the word on Facebook/Twitter Assets: Links to our music, blogs on my site, band site Problems: Voters have to register as a FoxFanatic first and confirm through their email. Then they could only vote once. Not easy to explain, too many steps, not easy-to-share instructions. Bottom Line: We needed to tell a story that would resonate enough to make strangers want to register, vote, and share.12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 38
  39. 39. 4 Steps1. Facts: The Dead Girls are big KISS fans and would make an excellent opener.2. Push beyond the facts: They are all huge KISSfans, have been since they were kids. Help make adream come true.3. Beginning: 7-year-old kid dresses up as KISS.Middle: KISS inspires him to play music, which hedoes for almost 20 years. End: Give the story ahappy ending.4. Truth about being human: As cheesy as itsounds, you can make a dream come true. 12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 39
  40. 40. How to Make Story Resonate? It’s a good story, but how do you tell it? Saying “Please vote for us!” With pictures of the band an mp3s of the music ain’t gonna do it.12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 40
  41. 41. Visuals Make the Story Eden Prairie, MN at Granny’s HouseWe had yet to hear KISSmusic, but I knew themfrom the KISS cards I hadgotten at the grocerystore.So we lip-synced andmimed our "instruments"to the only 45 record Ihad--Glen Campbells"Rhinestone Cowboy."12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 41
  42. 42. Tapped Into Nostalgia and Basic Human EmotionsWe knew the SpaceAce, Catman, andDemon, but no onewanted to be Paul Stanleycuz he only had a star onhis face and we didntknow his name (It wasStarchild!).Our cousin Julie had totake his role, it wasdecided, and we calledhis character"Poopyman."12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 42
  43. 43. Put a Face on the Campaign (Or a Blank Slate Anyone Could Identify With)Placemats fordrums, crayons for sticks,Lite Brite logo:Ready to rock!12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 43
  44. 44. The Result? Dreams Do Come True /12/5/2012 #SocialIRL 44
  45. 45. Thank you —Let us know how we can help! Eric Melin @SceneStealrEric @Spiral16