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Roller coaster lab report 2010


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Roller coaster lab report 2010

  1. 1. Name__________________________ Roller Coaster Lab Report Purpose: 1. To determine an effective and creative way to design a roller coaster in which a ball will make its way to the end of the tubing track. 2. To calculate the speed, acceleration, momentum, and force of a ball at various points along the track. 3. To determine potential energy and kinetic energy at various points along the track. Data Given: • Tube Length: 3.9 meters • Ball mass: 0.002 kilograms Data Rounding Tips: • Time, Average Speed, Average Acceleration to the tenth: (0.0) • Force and Momentum to the ten thousandth: (0.000) Procedures 1. Read the lab report 2. Team Jobs • Turn in to your teacher the sheet indicating who is team leader for which job 3. Formulas • Fill in formulas Average Speed Average Acceleration Force Momentum 4. Materials • List materials you think you may need in the materials section of the lab report • Go back to this list any time you use a new material during the lab.
  2. 2. 5. Brainstorm • Practice constructing the coaster with the tubing to determine your design o The coaster should be unique with hills and/or loops. o No straight drop coasters. o The coaster can be taped anywhere in the room o You will have one tube, one ball bearing , and one cup. (the cup will catch the ball at the end) o DO NOT WASTE the tape. If you do it will be taken from your group and you will have to buy your own tape to complete the project. o The coaster should be creative and themed. o The ball should not get stuck anywhere in the coaster. o Be careful not to “kink” the tubing- keep the path smooth. o Your group will build, take down, and store the coaster everyday. • Start to think of ways to advertise your roller coaster with slogans/logos/name of coaster • Make a list of materials you will need to decorate your coaster and poster for presentation 6. Blueprint • Develop a blueprint of your design on white computer paper. (done in pencil) • The blueprint should include measurements relative to the background parts of the room- reference points o Someone who does not know your coaster should be able to re-create your coaster by using the blue print. • Get your blue print checked by your teacher • Keep your blueprint in a group members hanging file so it is accessible everyday. 7. Hypothesis If my roller coaster looks like (describe in words) sketch of coaster Then its speed with units will be ___________________________________. Then its acceleration with units will be ______________________________. Then its force with units will be ____________________________________. Then its momentum with units will be ______________________________.
  3. 3. 8. Data Collection • As the ball bearing rides the coaster, time it using a stopwatch. Time with Label: Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Trial 4 Trial 5 Trial 6 Trial 7 Trial 8 Average Time with Label 9. Find Speed Fill in procedures for finding speed: • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________ Formula used Work done with Labels Speed with Label 10. Find Acceleration Fill in procedures for finding acceleration: • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________ Formula used Work done with Labels Acceleration with Label
  4. 4. 11. Find Force Fill in procedures for finding force: • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________ Formula used Work done with Labels Force with label 12. Find Momentum Fill in procedures for finding momentum: • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________ Formula used Work done with Labels Momentum with label 13. Find Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy • Define Potential Energy • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________ • Define Kinetic Energy • _______________________________________________________________________________ • _______________________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. Sketch coaster and label Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy 14. Final Data Chart Speed Acceleration Force Momentum 15. Conclusion on the computer Write a conclusion using the guide questions/statements below. Use correct sentence formation, capitalization, and punctuation. Use the heading below placed in the upper right hand corner: Name Period Conclusion for the Roller Coaster • Using the purposes of the lab (located at the start of the lab report), describe in general what the lab was about. • Describe what your roller coaster looked like. • What data did you collect from your coaster? • What were your hypotheses and were they correct? • Why were your hypotheses correct or why were they not correct, please use your lab data to back up your answers. • What could have gone wrong in your lab? • If you were to re-run this lab, what changes would you make? 16. Poster • Use the roller coaster poster rubric to create a poster
  6. 6. 17. Presentation • Present your coaster and poster to the class using the presenation rubric.