Shot-by-Shot Analysis of a Music Video or Short Film<br />Due: Friday September 18, 2009<br />Choose a music video or shor...
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Shot by-shot analysis assignment


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Shot by-shot analysis assignment

  1. 1. Shot-by-Shot Analysis of a Music Video or Short Film<br />Due: Friday September 18, 2009<br />Choose a music video or short film that may inspire you or give you guidance when approaching your own video. This video should be similar in genre, narrative, representation and target audience. <br />Describe each shot by stating:<br /><ul><li>Camera angle/distance
  2. 2. Length
  3. 3. What is happening
  4. 4. Lyrics</li></ul>Then use this data to pull out meaning. What are some the connotations and ideologies being expressed in this video, describe them scene-by-scene.<br />IMPORTANT NOTE*<br />Make sure you do this all digitally as you will have to hand in all your research and planning in an organized digital format. SO SAVE ALL YOUR WORK TWICE AND DO NOT LOSE IT!!!<br />Example:<br />Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake<br />ShotDescriptionLyricsLength1Wide shot of Swimming pool at night in the rain.Intro music,3sec2Wide shot, interior of the house looking out at the pool.Intro music1sec3Long shot looking at door of house in pouring rain.Intro music1 sec4Wide shot of the interior of a garage.Intro music1 sec5Close-up of bumper of a car license plate.Intro music.5 sec6Close-up of headlight turning on.Intro music.5 sec7Close-up of side mirror of a car with the reflection of the house door in it.Intro music2 sec8Extreme Close-up of rain beading on the hood of the car.Intro music2 sec9Extreme Close-up that is shaking of side mirror of car with the reflection of the house door.Intro music1 sec10Close-up of side mirror of car with the reflection of the house door open and a man and woman walking out the doorIntro music2 sec11Long shot of man and woman approaching doors on either side of the car and going to open them.Intro music3 sec<br />Scene 1: This scene was meant to set the scene for the whole music video. It introduces a sad yet haunting scene. It seems as though we are being shown the outcome of something that seems empty due to the lack of life being shown; the empty pool, the rain, the empty house and garage; it all seems so dark and cold. It is as though there was something there and we are now mourning the loss of it. The rain was a great tool to express the sadness and longing this song is trying to express. It is also important to note that a lot of the colour has been removed in post-production editing, leaving a lot of black, white, yellow and blue tones (cool colours). This could symbolize that whatever fire was there is now almost put out and is non-existent. This intro scene also gives the viewer a sense of the autobiographical nature of the song, as the set is very upscale; nice pool, nice house, expensive car, and very modern look. All things associated with young American celebrities. As this song is thought of as being a response to the breakup between Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. <br />