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Production schedule y13


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Production schedule y13

  1. 1. Production Schedule TASK DEADLINE Filming January 29th, 2010 Editing February 8th, 2010 Full Rough-cut of film/video with no gaps February 9th, 2010 Ancillary Tasks (Research and Planning/Marketing Plan) February 9th, 2010 Ancillary Tasks Production February 26th, 2010 Audience Feedback (rough-cut must be done to do this) February 26th, 2010 Final Film/Video March 11th, 2010 Evaluation March 22nd, 2010 These are deadlines so treat them as such. I will be collecting the full rough-cut and the final video on DVD from you as well as printed version of the ancillary tasks on the dates stated above. Starting March 22nd we will be dedicating all class time towards the new unit on Collective Identity.