Film Trailer Assignment

Film trailers are very strong marketing tools. The purpose of a film trailer is to make the
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Film trailer assignment


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Film trailer assignment

  1. 1. Film Trailer Assignment Film trailers are very strong marketing tools. The purpose of a film trailer is to make the audience want to “come back for more”. Film trailers are the strongest and most effective way to sell a film. Spoof films are a great way to begin understanding genre. Spoofs usually over exaggerate genre characteristic to achieve a comical theme. Task Create a film trailer for a spoof film. Some good examples are Shawn of the Dead, Scary Movie, Not another Teen Movie, and Dance Flick. You must be able to film this trailer in or around school as you will only have time to do your filming during classes. Research You must first do some research on spoof films. This can be done by watching trailers for these films, researching the genre they have decided on using and then understanding how they changed the genre making the film satirical rather than serious. You must also consider what type of audience they are trying to target. You need to find out what attracts that audience to these films. Planning The first step in planning is to create a basic story. Figure out exactly what your film is going to be about, your trailer must demonstrate this. All good film trailers give you a really good idea of genre and storyline even though you only see little snapshots of the film. Remember the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). Do not take on a huge project; chances are you will not be able to spoof an epic film unless you are really clever (that’s where good planning comes into play). The second step is to create a fairly detailed storyboard. The shots you choose here should be quite interesting either through visuals or subject wise. When making these storyboards remember to consider your setting/lighting conditions these things help set the overall mood of the film. Also, you must consider that you will be shooting this during class time, so you must think about classes and areas that are free of students. We do not want to disturb any learning going on in the school. The third step is to create a list of props or costumes that you may need for shooting days. Production This should be one of the simplest and most enjoyable parts of the project. If your storyboard is well planned out, all you will need to do is recreate those shots. It is a good idea to take a few takes of each shot so you know that you will have something good to work with. Post-production This involves editing your clip and bringing in a score, incidental music (background music), adding visual/sound effects and transitions. This is your chance to get really familiar with the editing program we have available for your Advanced Production Portfolio next year.