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Exam practice questions


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Exam practice questions

  1. 1. Exam Practice Questions G325 Critical Perspectives QUESTION 1A. 1. “Digital technology turns media consumers into media producers.” In your own experience, how has your creativity developed through using digital technology to complete your coursework productions? 2. Describe how you developed research and planning skills for media production and evaluate how these skills contribute to creative decision making. Refer to a range of examples in your answer to show how these skills developed over time. 3. How has your Post-production skill developed through creative use of digital technology? Refer to a range of examples in your answer to show how these skills developed over time. 4. How has your creativity developed through using conventions from real media texts? QUESTION 1B. 1. “Media texts rely on cultural experiences in order for audiences to easily make sense of narratives.” Explain how you used conventional and / or experimental narrative approaches in one of your production pieces. 2. Analyse media representation in one of your coursework productions. 3. “Audiences and institutions rely heavily on genre conventions when consuming and marketing films.” Explain how you used, challenged and developed genre conventions within your production. 4. Describe how your production operates within the language of your chosen medium. 5. How important was it to recognise your audience’s needs when producing your film/video? QUESTION 2 - Collective Identity Refer to at least two media to support your answer using specific textual examples. 1. Discuss the contemporary representation of a nation, region or social group in the media. 2. How far does the representation of a particular social group change over time? Refer to at least two media to support your answer. 3. Analyse the ways in which the media represent one group of people that you have studied. 4. “The media do not construct collective identity; they merely reflect it.” Discuss. 5. “Identity and representation is mediated by the media.” Discuss. 6. “A focus on identity requires us to pay close attention to the diverse ways in which media and technologies are used in everyday life, and the consequences both for individuals and for social groups.” Discuss. 7. What are some of the effects do particular kinds of media representation of collective identity have on society?