Evaluation Activity 5 Adam


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Evaluation Activity 5 Adam

  1. 1. Evaluation<br />Activity<br />5<br />How does it attract and address my audience?<br />
  2. 2. Design Conventions<br />The design picked for my front cover especially were researched from magazines such as Kerrang with a specific selling point which is a basic good layout for the front cover.<br />As you can see from the Kerrang Magazine on the right, my magazine uses some same techniques as it. This could help in attracting an audience for this magazine. Using the same style layout can help in making an initial template for the magazine <br />This Magazine is both similar to Kerrang and it also uses some same conventions. These conventions include:<br /><ul><li>Top of the Page Heading with dividers
  3. 3. Title Placement
  4. 4. Photos being layered over the Title
  5. 5. Band sub-heading with unique font
  6. 6. Band Quote or short promotional description
  7. 7. Photo or Photos at the bottom
  8. 8. Extra information placed in boxes at the bottom.</li></ul>These Kerrang Conventions combined with my magazine could potentially attract customers and the audience viewing my magazine. The magazine would appeal and relate to the Audience.<br />
  9. 9. Language to Audience<br />The language and content in the magazine presented to the audience has to relate to them and the genre they are looking for in the magazine. <br />The band I have chosen is an “Indie” class band that will relate to that group of fans. Bands using Indie music usually wear brighter colours to those who would be in a rock band, they dress differently and act differently, Because of this I had to make my magazine appeal to that target audience. The language I chose was a type of “laid back” language that teenagers would usually say in general conversation. This would certainly appeal to my target audience which would be teenagers and younger people who enjoy Indie Music.<br />The pictures were also included as the actors had to<br />act like the members of an Indie band. The picture on the front cover had to almost sum the band up to anyone who saw it. I didn’t want the genre to get mixed up with a rock or a hip-hop feeling so the actors were placed especially in the right position. <br />The language I used here is targeted at younger people. I used the word “Awesome” <br />
  10. 10. Uses of Music or Bands<br />The fictional band that I used for my band was based upon Indie Bands and the way they are represented in the media and in magazines. For example below are three pictures of Indie Bands with the first two being real Bands. They usually have different standing poses than say a rock or hip hop Band by being more “laid back” and relaxed with arms folded for example different to a rock band who could be doing very dynamic poses. This type of band can appeal to the entire Indie Music Scene and help in the Distribution of the Magazine.<br />
  11. 11. Unique Selling Points<br />The first Unique Selling point of my magazine is the main photograph on the front cover. It is what the audience would see first and it is the thing that would attract them to it. The picture had to be dynamic in its own way and stand out to those it would appeal to.<br />The second Selling point of my magazine is its title. The title of the magazine is its own logo or “Icon” and if the picture is niot would appeal to the audience then the magazine in general could. The musical range inside the magazine could make people buy it just because of the title and their own knowledge that it would contain other things.<br />Other selling unique selling points of the magazine could include the exclusive content within the magazine. People may want to read about a specific topic or article within.<br />Finally another unique selling point could be the design of the magazine compared with others, using its own style of design.<br />for example this logo for “lensecap” is unique for the band and to any other magazine, people could be inclined to read it because of this <br />