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Evaluation Activity 3 Adam


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Published in: News & Politics, Business
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Evaluation Activity 3 Adam

  1. 1. 2647950304800Evaluation Activity 3<br />-48577529210<br />Here is my magazine Metro-naught next to NME Magazine.<br />Selling points of NME MagazineThe Selling points of NME are Huge. The brand name is considered one of the best music magazines on market. The logo is the sign or catch, it will attract people’s attention and because if this it’s main and most powerful selling tool is its own reputation built up over a period of time.Other selling points include the Stars and celebrities of the magazine front cover. The Stars and musicians picked for NME magazine are widely known and very famous, these stars will most likely only do these things for a magazine considered as good as NME or better, that’s why the magazines sell well. The stars on the front cover of NME are big names such as “Jay-Z” a world renowned R&B singer.The picture of the stars also has an effect on how well the magazine sells, for example the picture on NME is much bigger than my own. The detail on the faces is much bigger and much richer and this is one reason why this particular method works both for attracting customers and getting them to buy this particular magazine compared to others such as my magazine if that was out on the Market.<br />Some other reasons NME could be superior to mine is because of the technological factor involved.NME has a massive team of staff with editors, producers, writers and designers all professional in their own area of expertise.The Computer editing software and Camera equipment is another reason why the appearance of the front cover could be far more appealing to customers than mine.<br />My magazine was created by me alone. The disadvantage of this is that I am not a professional writer or designer as was using basic Adobe Photoshop software and lower quality cameras than the NME team.<br />Selling Points of Metro-Naught MagazineMy magazine’s selling points are its layout scheme compared to the Basic scheme of some rather magazines such as this issue of NME for example.<br />Even though my photo has models further away from the screen it could be argued that my style in directing the poses and editing the heads in front of the title could be considered much better than NMEs whose looks like a basic close up shot of two people.<br />My colour scheme involved is far brighter than NMEs and could therefore appeal to a whole different audience to the people who buy NME. My magazine could be considered an Indy/alternative magazine so potential to sell to a different audience is greatly expected.<br />More selling points of Metro-Naught is the content listed on the front page.For example the free DVD on the front cover is a major selling point and far more people could be more likely to buy mine than NME because of this factor. Free items such as CDs and DVDs can sometimes be turning points and selling methods in getting more magazines sold, it would be considered a selling tactic by the organisation.<br />NME Methods of Distributionthe methods of distribution (how magazines get distributed to customers) can be found in a number of different methods. These methods can include:<br /><ul><li>Straight Distribution to shops, newsagents and supermarkets that the magazine deems as hot selling areas or an area that has potential to sell that particular magazine. For example NME would be supplied
  2. 2. It can also be distributed through the internet. NME has listed on its website another site under partnership with NME called: which deals with NME and other magazines to provide subscriptions over the internet to those customers who wish to buy them. This is a good method of distribution as the customer can pick the length of the subscription to them and also have it delivered to them by post included in the price. </li></ul>Ownage of NME Magazine(Different owners)<br />160020042545<br />IPC are currently the owners and “Publishers” of NME magazine. They also own other Magazines such as:<br /><ul><li>MBR Magazine
  3. 3. Model Collector Magazine
  4. 4. Racecar Engineer Magazine
  5. 5. Eventing Magazine
  6. 6. Womenshome Magazine
  7. 7. Loaded Magazine
  8. 8. Nuts Magazine
  9. 9. Chat Holiday Special Magazine
  10. 10. Caravan Magazine</li></ul>60960076835<br />IPC is owned by a mega corporation names “TimeWarner” . TimeWarner owns several different large companies which again own a different number of Media Businesses, corporate and even a part of the Movie Industry. They are currently the world’s fourth largest entertainment company with a revenue rise of 46.98 billion Dollars last year and a staff count of 86,400 in 2008.<br />The sectors of TimeWarner include: <br /><ul><li>AOL
  11. 11. Global Media Group
  12. 12. Home Box Office
  13. 13. New Line Cinema
  14. 14. Time Inc.
  15. 15. Time Warner Book Group
  16. 16. Time Warner Cable
  17. 17. TimeWarner Corporate
  18. 18. TimeWarner Investments
  19. 19. Turner Broadcaster System
  20. 20. Warner Bros. Entertainment