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Case study lady gaga

  1. 1. Case Study: Lady Gaga as a Commodity<br />The fame and The Fame Monster Lady Gaga’s first and second albums were horizontally integrated through 4 different Labels: Interscope, Streamline, Kon Live, and Cherrytree (very closely linked to Intersope). All these labels belong to UMG. Kon Live (Akon’s Label) was included as Akon provided many background vocals for her Record.<br />Promotions and Cross Media Convergence<br />Promotion first began for The Fame Monster through a performance on Saturday Night Live (owned by NBC Universal), which contained segments of a piano version of " Bad Romance" . Gaga performed the song " Speechless" at Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art's 30th Anniversary celebrations. She collaborated with artist Francesco Vezzolli and members of Russia's Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Gaga confirmed that she was going to tour by herself for the upcoming project. The show, called The Monster Ball Tour, had dates starting from November 2009 and finishing in early April 2010. The tour featured opening acts like Kid Cudi and Jason DeRulo.[64] Described by Gaga as " the first-ever pop electro opera" , The Monster Ball began four days after the release of The Fame Monster. <br />On November 16, 2009, Gaga appeared on an episode of the CW's (Owned by Time Warner) Gossip Girl in an episode titled " The Last Days of Disco Stick" . She performed the lead single from The Fame Monster, " Bad Romance" . Other songs that were referenced and played throughout the episode were " Alejandro" , " Dance in the Dark" , and " Telephone" . The song was also performed at the 2009 American Music Awards, The Jay Leno Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. On January 15, 2010, Gaga appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and performed a medley of " Monster" , " Bad Romance" , and " Speechless" . At the 52nd Grammy Awards, Gaga opened the show by performing a medley of " Poker Face" , " Speechless" , and " Your Song" with Elton John. On 16 February 2010, she performed at the 2010 BRIT Awards in memory of Alexander McQueen, she performed a ballad version of " Telephone" and then performed the song " Dance In The Dark" .<br />Take a look at the ads on her bio page:<br /><br />She even has an iTunes app!!!<br />Check out here store:<br /><br />Promotional Tools<br />Lady Gaga has her own website, twitter feed, myspace page, fan site, (free music/internet radio) channel, facebook page, and most likely even more.<br />Gaga was recently on the cover of Q magazine. Other magazine appearances include FHM, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Maxim, Elle, Flare, Cosmopolitan.<br />Telephone – Music Video – Produced by Streamline Records (who gave her the money to make it). Streamline Records inturn sent the project over to Serial Records a full service production company who specializes in promotions and music videos.<br /><ul><li>Huge promotional tool – 9 minutes long, over twice as long as most music videos.
  2. 2. Vertical/Horizontal Integration
  3. 3. Product Placement – Virgin Mobile ad on phone, diet coke used as rollers in her hair, wonder bread and miracle whip used to make sandwich
  4. 4. Polaroid Camera used to take pictures
  5. 5. Plenty of Fish – dating website.
  6. 6. Chanel
  7. 7. Hewitt Packard
  8. 8. Laptop with a ‘b’ for beats by dre Interscope artist.</li></ul>Telephone song was initially written for Britney Spears (Sony Music – Jive Records) but she never used it. Gaga was then going to feature her in the video but end up putting Beyonce in it instead (Sony Music). Could this have been a deal made by Sony (who probably owned the Telephone song as Britney was meant to put it on her album)?<br />Telephone can be seen as one major marketing tool – two artists, an up and coming promotions company, several products in different industries being featured. Lady Gaga further marketing herself as attention seeking, edgy, controversial, artsy, fashionista and in your face. Beyonce associating herself with a big name leading artist.<br />Ownership and Global Institutions targeting Local/British Audiences<br />Gaga an American artist reached number one in the UK for her first single Bad Romance, while the song only reached number two on the American Billboards. She has a huge influence on British Youths (sold out concerts), at the top of the charts, on popular music stations and music video channels. <br />Music Videos can be found on Youtube through Vevo which is owned by UMG makes profits for ads place on page and before music videos. (Vertical Integration).<br />Distribution<br />Gaga albums are distributed by Interscope-Geffen-A&M which is and Umbrella corporation to it’s subsidiaries Cherrytree, Interscope, Kon Live, and Streamline. These all fall under the Universal Music Group.<br />Marketing<br />Universal Music Group was responsible for marketing the product and you can see some of the ways it has done this above.<br />Exhibition<br />Lady Gaga/UMG profits from song sales (itunes, HMV, Amazon), concert sales,, fashion line (supposedly in the works), t-shirt/poster/product sales, television shows and films her music has been included in i.e. Melrose Place, East Enders, Percy Jackson, XFactor and many more. It has also been in videos games (Karaoke Revolution).<br />