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Blog Assignment


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Published in: Technology
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Blog Assignment

  1. 1. Media Studies – Po <br />START YOUR BLOG ASSIGNMENT <br />DUE: TUESDAY NOVEMBER 3rd<br />*The link to your site with the complete list of assignments must be in by Tuesday before our class you will not be able to take part in class. This should take you no longer than an hour to do. *<br />As you know we are going to have all of our work posted on Blogs. Most of you should have started a Blog by now as we went through how to make one and I have provided you with a detailed handout to assist you in the process. This handout can be accessed at: <br /><br />What should be on your Blog:<br /><ul><li>Assignments:
  2. 2. Project brief
  3. 3. First general video analysis
  4. 4. Developing your story
  5. 5. Pitch (this can be found on YouTube springwoodmedia channel, just type springwoodmedia in your search)
  6. 6. Shot-by-shot analysis
  7. 7. Genre PowerPoint
  8. 8. Key Concepts Video analysis
  9. 9. Remarks – adding remarks to your post and describing what the assignment was and what you have learned from it will be beneficial for you and those who are marking your work.
  10. 10. Daily Struggles – this can be used as a journal to work out problems and issues or just a place to record ideas that you have for your project. This is a lot like what we did while making our music magazines.</li></ul>The next step is to email me a link to your blog. <br />Miss Di Ponio’s email address:<br />We do not have time to waste so let’s get these Blogs going! Really try and have fun with your Blog and make it your own. The more you interact with it the better your Blog will be. <br />