You can be smarter.


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You are what you think. If you have ideas you are the future. You know your ideas move fast so you need to be prepared.

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You can be smarter.

  1. 1. You can be smarter. You are what you think.
  2. 2. You are what you think.• You let everybody know what you think.• What you have on your mind is amazing.• You should catch what you have on your mind so you can come back to your ideas again.• You should flesh out your ideas to find more.
  3. 3. You risk losing ideas unless you take notes and brainstorm.• Everybody you know has ideas, too.• Respecting your ideas gives you an edge.• You can hold on to ideas you have today, so you can get more out of them by revisiting them later, when you have time or find yourself in a different situation.
  4. 4. You change all the time.• Your idea today may help you tomorrow.• You could be collecting your thoughts.• If you find yourself having to think about things fresh every single time you might not get as much accomplished in life.• You take notes today to learn from them later.• You may have more slack to take the time to review your ideas later.
  5. 5. Your ideas move fast.• You may lose your ideas if you are still stuck using archaic technology to capture them.• Losing your ideas is like losing your very soul.• You can make more from your ideas when you capture them in a format that you find fun.• You need to be quick if you want to trap ideas.• Your fastest ideas need to be captured most.
  6. 6. You can use this.• You can tape your ideas.• You can type a ton too.• You just press the red RECORD button and start talking. Just email to self.• You can brainstorm better this way, catching ideas you never dreamed you even had about anything.• You can just play your idea back later to be inspired.
  7. 7. Your ideas matter, so tape them.• You can just save them on your iphone… – …or you can email yourself… – …or you can email your Evernote… – …or you can email your teammate or friend… – …or you can tweet your idea out.• You can listen to your tape later for fun.• You will get smarter the more you record.• You should remember to record everything.
  8. 8. Believe in your ideas.• Your ideas might change the world.• You will improve your ideas over time.• You are intelligent, which is why we need you.• What would we do without you?• You should share this with everyone you like.• You should write about this system to spread the word and give your readers a great tool. ©2013 tinyvox sound system