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Welcome to Spine Care and Ortho care spine clinic and research center in Bangalore, India. We , the spine specialist Bangalore tailor to your needs to get rid of your chronic spinal and orthopaedic problems with affordable cost.

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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery India Bangalore

  1. 1.  Conventional Spine Surgery involves in cutting & removal of important structures such as bone and ligament which give support to the Spinal Column. Though this Surgery relieves pain immediately long standing results are not uniformly good, especially with unstable spine. This resulted in failed surgery or relapse of back pain. Dr Surendra Shetty is well versed with Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Laser Discectomy. Holmium yag Laser is used for laser Discectomy. The Quest for better innovation in surgical technique resulted in development of minimal invasive spine Surgeries mainly Microscopic Spine Surgeries. Microscopic Spine Surgery involves minimal cutting of Soft tissues and bone. The medical researchers went ahead further in designing Percutaneous Endoscopic Spine Surgery, which is free from cutting any bone or Soft tissue. This is in vogue since 2000.
  2. 2. Slipped Disc or Prolapsed Degenerative Disc Disc Slipped discs most Disc degeneration can lead to several other spinal conditions as the discs often affect the lower continue to deteriorate. Osteophytes back and are relatively (bone spurs), disc herniations, and rare in the chest part of spinal stenosis are a few conditions that may result from degenerative disc the spine.
  3. 3. Spinal Chord Tumor Spinal Deformity  Spinal deformity means the spine is abnormally curved or aligned. One of the more frequent spinal deformities is scoliosis, or a side-to-side abnormal curvature of the spine.o The spinal cord is themajor bundle of nerves thatcarry nerve impulses toand from the brain to therest of the body. Spinalchord tumor can occurfrom any of the spinecolumn or structures.
  4. 4. Spine Arthritis Bulging Disc To determine who is a good candidate for arthritis treatment, it may include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), discography, computed tomography (CT or CAT scan), and x-rays. These tests will also help the surgeon determine the source of the pain. o A Bulging Disc occurs when the tough outer fibers of the spinal disc weaken and stretch allowing the "jelly center" of the disc to "bulge" outward. A Disc Bulge is generally considered the first step toward a more serious problem called a Herniated
  5. 5. SPINAL PROCEDURES Cervical Disectomy And Fusion Surgery Cervical Disc Surgery Spinal Fracture Care Disk Replacement Failed Spinal Surgery
  6. 6. SPINE SURGERYLumbar SpineCervical SpineMicro Lumbar DiscectomyEndoscopic Lumbar www.spinal-surgery-india.comPercutaneous LumbarDiscectomyVertebroplastyKyphoplasty
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