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Airtel core values and logo transformation


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Airtel core values and logo transformation

Published in: Business, Technology
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Airtel core values and logo transformation

  1. 1. Bharti AirtelSpinder singhChitkara business school
  2. 2. FOUNDER
  3. 3. Introduction• Bharti Airtel Limited commonly known as Airtel, is anIndian telecommunications Services Company headquartered at NewDelhi, India. It operates in 20 countries across South Asia, Africa andthe Channel Islands Airtel has GSM network in all countries in which itoperates, providing 2G, 3G and 4G services depending upon the country ofoperation. Airtel is the worlds fourth largest mobile telecommunicationscompany with over 261 million subscribers across 20 countries. It isthe largest cellular service provider in India, with 183.61 millionsubscribers.Airtel is the third largest in-country mobile operator bysubscriber base, behind China Mobile and China Unicom
  4. 4. Meaning of Airtel Logo• The unique symbol is an interpretation of the a in airtel.• The curved shape & the gentle highlights on the red colormake it warm & inviting, almost as if it were a living object.• The logo represents a dynamic force of unparalleled energythat brings us and our customers closer," it added.• The "unboxed" having been freed of its rigid boundaries.• The color "Red is part of our heritage. it is the color of energy& passion that expresses the dynamism that has made Airtelthe success it is today, in India, and now on the global stage
  5. 5. Old Vs New Logo• what i believe Airtel logo change at this point of time could be because offollowing reasons• As bharti airtel is also about to roll out its 3G services the want to lookthere brand like more youthful, energetic & refreshingly new• TRAI is about to launch the Number portability across INDIA where alloperators will be facing the heat of poor services provided by them,soAIRTEL with a veiw to convey the message of change repositioned therebrand, might be they want to say that they have changed & this change isbetter...!! ( All of us know that AIRTEL is market leader & a leader havethe strongest fear to loose its customer) ( the opportunity to grab othersunsatisfied customer) ( The teenagers & young generation is more trendy& they want the things more trendy too, & this is what airtel new logoRED & WHITE combination tries to represnts
  6. 6. Core Values• Empowering People - to do their best• Being Flexible - to adapt to the changing environment andevolving customer needs• Making it Happen - by striving to change the status quo,innovate and energize new ideas with a strong passion andentrepreneurial spirit• Openness and transparency - with an innate desire to dogood• Creating Positive Impact – with a desire to create ameaningful difference in society.
  7. 7. Tag Line
  8. 8. Meaning of Tagline’s
  9. 9. Meaning of Tagline’s
  10. 10. Thank you