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Spinal works appointment schedule


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Spinal works appointment schedule

  1. 1. SpinalWorks Chiropractics purpose is tobecome the #1 Chiropractor in Phoenix, Arizona. We want to help everyone achieve their full health potential through dedicated chiropractic service and education.
  2. 2. As a Phoenix Chiropractor, I treat many differenttypes of problems but mainly focus on thoseconditions that affect your muscles, joints and nerves.Problems such as low back pain, neck pain,headaches, pain into your arms and legs, carpaltunnel syndrome and whiplash injuries following caraccidents are just a few examples of what we treateffectively as a chiropractor in Phoenix. It is only aftera thorough examination that ANY doctor can reallytell if chiropractic is right for you.
  3. 3. As with all types of healthcare, there are potential risks in thedelivery of treatment. Chiropractic however, IS REMARKABLY SAFE.The key to secure effective care is determined by the informationthe doctor gathers from you. During your first visit, theSpinalWorks team will begin by taking a thorough history toidentify the nature of your problem. You will be asked detailedquestions regarding your past and present conditions.
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