Totally random legacy 1.0


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The very beginning of Derek Manning's journey.

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Totally random legacy 1.0

  1. 1. Hi and welcome to yet another attempt at a legacy! I am so determined to finish a legacy. Everytime I start one my computer goes nuts. Anywho, the rules of this legacy is a bit different. Asthe name says, it is completely random. The founder and every heir must have their spousechosen through the Find-A-Mate Crystal Ball, and you, the reader will choose the lucky personthrough a poll. Also, for each birth I can only choose the random button for my trips and quadshack (yikes!). Should make things interesting. Hope enjoy this chapter!
  2. 2. “Why do we have to keep going on over this?!” Regina shouted. “You knew howI was before we decided to be together.”Derek sighed. “But…but can’t you at least consider it?”“No!”
  3. 3. “I can’t believe this! My dreams of having a family with you could be possibleif you could just-”“No! I wanna have fun! I don’t want to be bogged down by kids andhousehold duties!” Regina spat.
  4. 4. She looked at him and took a deep breath. It took all of her courage to say allthe thoughts she had for the last six months.“I thought I loved you, Derek. But I don’t. I loved the idea of feel secure whileI go do whatever my heart desired. I knew you would still be with me even…even when I took other partners.”Derek flinched back, hurt.
  5. 5. “You took other partners?! How could you?!”“I’m a Romance sim, you know that. There’s no way I could stay with one personfor the rest of my days.”Derek felt defeated as his arms fell back on his sides. It seemed like there was notenough apologies in the world to fix this.
  6. 6. “I will just get to the point. I am tired of dancing around the inevitable. It’sover! I am so done with you! I need to feel free and you are just keeping medown!”“But-”“No, I can’t do this anymore!”
  7. 7. “Just go. I don’t want to stretch this out more than we already have. Packyour stuff and leave.”Derek sighed. “If that’s what you want, fine. But I will make my dreams cometrue. I will have the family that I have always wanted, and you will regretpassing me up for a few moments of fun.”
  8. 8. After he loaded up his suitcases, he said goodbye to the place he had known ashome for the past three years. He wasn’t so sure where he was going, but he didknow he wanted to plant his roots somewhere.
  9. 9. The taxi let him off in a different part of the city. He got out and wanderedaround the neighborhood until he came across a man sitting in a chair in frontof a house. He stopped by the For Sale sign, smiled and approached the man.“Excuse me, I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about this house.”“Yea, sure.” The man rose from his chair and walked toward Derek.
  10. 10. “This house has one bedroom and one bathroom in it. I need a bigger place,that’s why I am selling it.”“I see. How much do you want for it?”“17 thousand simoleons. In full.”“Hmm…”
  11. 11. “Ok, I can do 17 thousand. I want to look at the place first though.”The man nodded. “Of course come on inside.”
  12. 12. Derek looked around the small house. The furnishings weren’t fancy, butthey were functional. He noticed the kitchen needed a bit of help though.“Was that a mouse running by?”“Umm, no! Probably just a shadow from outside or something. So, what doyou say? We got a deal?”Derek took another look around. “Yes we do. This house will do just fine forme.”
  13. 13. They shook hands, and the check was exchanged. The man smiled. “Well,better be going then. Thanks for buying this house from me.”Derek nodded. My own house. I will make this place great! And I will pass it downfrom generation to generation.
  14. 14. Now for the introductions! Derek Manning is a Knowledge/Popularity simwith the lifetime want of becoming a City Planner. His turn ons are Creativewomen that wears hats, and his turn off is underwear. He prefers his womanto go commando. His personality is 4-7-3-8-3.
  15. 15. As he looked around his new place, he noticed an odd ball sitting on the table.That man left his thingie, he thought. I wonder what it is.He reached out and lightly touched it, and all of a sudden it started to glow andsparkle. Derek was ready to run for his life, but he heard a soft voice behindhim.
  16. 16. “Hi, I’m Naenae,” the woman in the crazy looking leaf dress said. Derek hesitantlyshook her hand.“Where did you come from?” From behind him he heard a few more voices.Hi! Hello there! Whoa he’s hot! How in the world did I get here???“Did you touch the crystal ball?”“Yes..”“That ball helps you find your soul mate. You get a choice of four or five womenand whomever you choose will be yours forever.”
  17. 17. “And who are you?” Derek said to the sparkling woman.“Well I am yours, if you will be able to give me nice jewelry,” she said as shelooked up at him. “But the way your house is looking, I doubt you have anythinglike that in here.”“I just bought the place an hour ago. I am just starting out on my own. If we hit itoff I am sure I will be able to give you everything you deserve.”“Oh! Well then, my name is Julie. Sorry about that rude introduction.” She gavehim her best smile.
  18. 18. “HA! I flicked your nose! I can’t believe you fell for that trick!”“I thought you were a good witch!”“I am…but doesn’t mean I can’t be mean every now and then.”
  19. 19. Julie went around the room, flicking anyone who would stand there longenough. She wouldn’t let off of her colleague though.“Hey, is that some eye of newt on your corset?”“Oh! It might be, I was making some potions earlier. Where is it?”*snickersnicker*
  20. 20. After the third time, she had enough.“Stop. Poking. Me! It’s not funny!”“Oh stop being a wet mop will ya? I’m just having fun!”“Grrrrrr!!!”
  21. 21. “I don’t know who to choose!”This is where you, the reader come in. Go to the poll on boolprop and help mechoose his future wife! All of their stats will be included. Thanks for reading andbe sure to come back and see who won!