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5 sins of all hands ppt

  1. 1. 5 SSpike Gu ins of All hands PPTSep 2nd 2011
  2. 2. Sin #1 Use dark boring color
  3. 3. Team Development | Tactics ISoftware testing technology Knowing software testing Extend or/and skill-up technical skillset Design decent, effective test design, test cases. Automate or semi-automate Insight of being more efficient cases to improve productivity Master software testing (UI automation and etc.). methodologies and techniques Use in-house or commercial Understand the API and tools to improve test coverage can use API to save efforts and productivity on UI testing. Understand software Leverage API to better development processes automate test cases. Performance testing Join development team’s .... key piece of code review Code coverage SW testing tools architect /design, … Automation framework design and enhance.
  4. 4. Team Development | Tactics II Knowing Customers’ PainsCustomer Oriented Resolve Customers’ Issues Learning the issues from customer forums, discussion Actively participate beta Guide Customers’ Engagement groups and etc. customer issue discussion. Summarize the “to be improved” Proactively contribute to Actively response to blogs and forums face to features / functions. customers’ issues. customers. Initiate end user driven Production exercise (customer scenario / workflow testing. Cross-Product workflow workflow and customer data) and enterprise solution scenarios and case study. .... … Play SME role in the team to support other function groups.
  5. 5. Sin #2 Use centered picture with logo
  6. 6. One Team
  7. 7. One Team
  8. 8. Productivity
  9. 9. Sin #3 Flooded with text and hard to read
  10. 10. Process – Pre Integration/Submission SCC Submission SWD Desktop Continuous Build/Test System Develop Code Build and Run Tests Submit Only on Success Activates upon one or more submission(s) --- --- Expect the completion email If Build and Tests PASS, update labelSpeak up if you don’t get one! Ex. LAST_CLEAN_AIM_BUILD --- Send SUCCESS completion emailSUCCESS email, continue to --- the next task If Build or Tests FAIL, skip label update --- Send FAILED completion email. FAILED email, react, investigate and resolve Result Email
  11. 11. Process – Pre Integration/Submission SCC Submission SWD Desktop Continuous Build/Test SystemSubmit Only on Success Activates upon submission --- --- SUCCESS email, PASS, update label continue Send SUCCESS completion email --- --- FAILED email, FAIL, skip label update investigate and resolve Send FAILED completion email. Result Email
  12. 12. Process – General Qualification and Usage If a build is posted, it is ready for general qualification. Run tests only if a new build has been posted. Analyze the results React to the trends Add to the test suites Manual testing keys off automated results
  13. 13. Process – General Qualification and Usage If a build is posted, it is ready for general qualification Run tests only if a new build has been posted Analyze the results Add to the test suites Manual testing keys off automated results
  14. 14. Sin #4 Flooded with unnecessary information
  15. 15. JayPeak - Large vs. Small Rocks Sub- Assembly Composer (Feature gaps; Usability) Volumes Dashboard (Usability; feature gaps) Global H&H (Translation, local analysis, F&F of Ipanema workflow) Large / Extended API/Partner Support Team Workflow (Civil 3D-enabled RealDWG ; API improvements) Bridge Pressure Pipes Strategic F&F (DOTs, country, and key segment-specific gaps/issues) Rail Track Design Navisworks workflow (dependent on (Enable corridor and surface Performance & rail funding) timeline) Scalability 3ds Max Design Survey / Point Sub- (Region connection defects, surfaces export performance, pipes) Clouds IM Lifecycle (UDM, Galileo Export; Map 3D Command rationalization) AEC Interoperability (display of AutoCAD solids, etc) Action – Determine if/how we will accomplish Legacy Data Migration “small rock” enhancements DWG-DGN; Model I/O
  16. 16. JayPeak - Large vs. Small Rocks Large Team Workflow Bridge Pressure Pipes Rail Performance Track & Design Survey Scalability Point Sub- surfaces Clouds
  17. 17. Sin #5 Chart & Table not aligned
  18. 18. Civil3D - Customer Focused Testing Production Exercise  Pipes  Transportation Construction Gold Beta Site(build Customer relationship in China) Beta 1/2/3 High value customers, more feedbacks. Gunslinger
  19. 19. Civil 3D Timeline Stage 3 Project Project FC(11/4) FC(12/2) RTM(3/15) Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Civil 2013 (JayPeak)Civil 2012 (Ipanema) 2011 SP2 2012SP1 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
  20. 20. Thank You
  21. 21. Spike Gu 顾轶群 @顾轶群 slidesharefor more exciting to come