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This is official presentation of CARE_IIT Delhi_India. It include the brief introduction about centre (can be change)

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Center for Applied Research in Electronics_IIT Delhi_India

  1. 1. WELCOME...<br />Masters Programme<br />in<br />Radio Frequency Design and Technology<br />(RFDT)<br />Centre for Applied Research in Electronics<br />Indian Institute of Technology Delhi<br />
  2. 2. CARE<br /> Established : 1971<br />Microwave<br />Microelectronics<br />Signal Processing<br /> Focus: Coordinated research and training in specialized areas of Electronics<br /> State of the art system design and test facilities<br /> Over 30 technology transfers since 1982<br />Research Groups<br />© CARE IIT Delhi<br />
  3. 3. M.TECHPROGRAMME<br />Foundation : 2004<br />Eligibility : B.Tech/B.E. in Electronics/Communication/Electrical Engineering or related areas. <br />Rigorous process of selection: Based on all India level exam, GATE, candidates are shortlisted and interviewed by the faculty<br />Curriculum impart hands-on training on real-time systems and scenarios<br />Projects pursued are deliverable products for sponsoring agencies and hardware intensive<br />© CARE IIT Delhi<br />
  4. 4. MICROWAVE<br />Research Areas<br /><ul><li> MMIC and RFIC design
  5. 5. RF MEMS
  6. 6. EBG structures
  7. 7. Microwave antennas</li></ul>Facilities<br /><ul><li> Anechoic chamber for antenna testing and characterization
  8. 8. Vector network analyzers (upto 110 GHz) and Spectrum analyzer </li></ul> (upto 40 GHz)<br /><ul><li> Mask making facility
  9. 9. Advance RF, MEMS and EM simulation tools</li></ul>Courses Offered<br /><ul><li> RF and Microwave Active Circuits
  10. 10. CAD of RF and Microwave Devices
  11. 11. Radiating Systems for RF Communications
  12. 12. RF and Microwave Measurement System Techniques</li></ul>© CARE IIT Delhi<br />
  13. 13. MICROELECTRONICS<br />Research Areas<br /><ul><li> Magnetic nanoparticles
  14. 14. Nanosructured materials
  15. 15. Silicon michromachining and MEMS sensors
  16. 16. Organic semiconductors</li></ul>Facilities<br /><ul><li> Reactive ion etching and RF sputtering system
  17. 17. Thermal evaporation system and diffusion/oxidation furnace
  18. 18. Thermal, acoustic, optical and magnetic systems for non- </li></ul> destructive characterization<br /><ul><li> Surface profiler for thickness measurement</li></ul>Courses Offered<br /><ul><li> Fabrication Techniques for RF and Microwave Devices
  19. 19. Technology of RF and Microwave Solid State Devices
  20. 20. RF and Microwave Solid State Devices
  21. 21. RF MEMS Design and Technology</li></ul>© CARE IIT Delhi<br />
  22. 22. SIGNAL PROCESSING<br />Research Areas<br /><ul><li>Hardware and software for low power DSP systems
  23. 23. Speech and audio processing
  24. 24. Detection, localization and target classification algorithm
  25. 25. Underwater, VLF and RF communication</li></ul>Facilities<br /><ul><li>Low ambient noise environment for speech and audio processing </li></ul> experiments<br /><ul><li>TI C55x and OMAP Processor Kits
  26. 26. Underwater acoustic tank for real-time underwater experiments
  27. 27. High speed multichannel DAQ cards and signal analysis tools</li></ul>Courses Offered<br /><ul><li> Sensor Array Signal Processing
  28. 28. Architectures and Algorithms for DSP Systems
  29. 29. Human and Machine Speech Communication
  30. 30. Sonar Systems Engineering</li></ul>© CARE IIT Delhi<br />
  31. 31. DOMAIN<br />Antenna Design<br />Algorithm Design<br />EBG Structures <br />Active Sonar<br />RADAR <br />Real Time Operating System for DSP<br />RFIC<br />Wireless Sensor Network<br />RFID <br />Speech and Audio Processing<br />Uniplanar Structures<br />Microwave Components upto 140 GHz<br />Tranceiver Design <br />RF and Underwater Communication<br />RF MEMS<br />Non-Destructive Characterization<br />© CARE IIT Delhi<br />
  32. 32. ACTIVITIES<br />Apart from curricular activities, CARE students are involved actively in the IEEE-MTTS IIT Delhi Student Branch Chapter. Students organize various workshops and lectures in collaboration with industry and academic personnel that are useful to keep pace with current trends.<br />Workshops<br />Lectures<br /><ul><li> RF MEMS
  33. 33. MMIC based design and </li></ul> implementation of microwave <br /> circuits<br /><ul><li> Workshop on COMSOL Multiphysics</li></ul> and IntelliSuite<br /><ul><li> Workshop on CST Microwave </li></ul> Studio<br /><ul><li> National Workshop on RFIC and </li></ul> Related Technologies<br /><ul><li> Advanced Short Term Course on </li></ul> Underwater Surveillance<br />© CARE IIT Delhi<br />
  34. 34. COLLABORATIONS<br />International<br />National <br />Agilent Technologies<br />Astra Microwave <br />Applied Nano Structures USA<br />BEL<br />Femto CNRS France<br />DRDO<br />Lockheed Martin USA<br />GAETEC Hyderabad<br />Maxim Semiconductor USA<br />Honeywell Bangalore<br />MEMS Cap. USA<br />Indian Navy<br />Mitsubishi Japan<br />NPMASS<br />NXP Semiconductor Netherland<br />SAC Ahmedabad<br />SiRF Technology USA<br />Tektronix<br />© CARE IIT Delhi<br />
  35. 35. PAST RECRUITERS<br />© CARE IIT Delhi<br />* Above logos are trademarks of respective firms<br />
  36. 36. CARE GALLERY<br />© CARE IIT Delhi<br />
  37. 37. CONTACT<br />Placement Coordinator<br />Dr. AnanjanBasu<br />Associate Professor<br />Email:<br />Tel.: +91-11-26591110<br />Student Coordinator<br />Sunil Prasad<br />Email:<br />Tel.: +91-9953493355<br />Website:<br /><br />Thank you for<br />your attention<br />© CARE IIT Delhi<br />