Tanzania Development


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Tanzania Development

  1. 1. THE WELLPROJECTA Tanzania InfrastructureProject
  2. 2. Pre-conceived Notions• Probably a poor nation• Mt. Kilimanjaro was in Tanzania and is the tallest mountain in Africa.• The people were kind and sharing.
  3. 3. Tanzania: A Brief History• Tanzania is a result of • In 1979 Tanzania was unification between the forced into a war when the mainland of Tanganyika, Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin and the islands of Zanzibar. Dada sought more land and Tanganyika and Zanzibar invaded Tanzania in hopes united on April 26th, 1964 of seizing a larger Ugandan forming the United Republic border. Although a young of Tanzania. country, Tanzania countered• Tanganyika formerly broke Amin and marched into away from Great Britains Ugandan territory, sending control on December 9th, the dictator running; ending 1961 and recently his reign. And leaving celebrated their 50th year Tanzania in a hefty debt. of Independence.
  4. 4. Tanzania: People• Home to more than 120 ethnic groups• Mostly Christian population (62%)• English is no longer the official language but is still the most commonly used in higher courts. Tanzania is one of the few countries where local language has gained importance over former imperialistic language ties.
  5. 5. Tanzania: Geography• At 947,300 KM2 Tanzania is the world’s 31st largest country.• Various landscapes in tropical climate• Gombe National Park is the famous site of Jane Goodall’s studies.
  6. 6. Economics• Agriculture is the main source of income for Tanzania, making up 26.6% of the GDP• The Per Capita GDP is $552• Female Literacy rate: 67.0%• Male Literacy: 79.9%
  7. 7. Project Overview • With the help of the World Bank & Charity Water we want to invest 500,000 USD into 100 sustainable well projects • The wells will be geographically dispersed to increase their impact on multiple communities • Each well will be run by local leaders and women in ‘Water Boards’ and overseen by Charity: Water
  8. 8. Why Water?
  9. 9. Why Water?
  10. 10. Why Water?
  11. 11. Facts About TanzaniaCharity: Water has already implemented multiple wells projects through outTanzania. However with the addition of 100 new Wells we could reach a largerportion of the population. Only 54% of the population of Tanzania has access toclean water. That means about 21,160,000 people don’t have access to cleanwater.
  12. 12. Benefits at-a-glanceEconomic Benefit Human Capital• 500,000 USD • Education rates rise invested (especially for• 6,000,000 USD women) return for the • Health Risk is lower communities • Life Expectancy rises • Better educated populace = better jobs and economy
  13. 13. Benefits at-a-glancePolitical Stability Industry & Infrastructure• Better educated • More water for crops populace means a and agriculture. better informed voter • Women get the pool opportunity for• Better leaders education. • Women start to participate in the economy and industry
  14. 14. Models PPF CURVEBy allowing thepeople more Agricultureaccess to water Productsthey will increasetheir productionpossibility foragricultural Coffeegoods and moveforward in the GDP The Business Cyclebusiness cycle. Time
  15. 15. Models Loanable Funds Marketi As demand for loan- Slf able funds increases in Tanzania for the Well Projects the interest rates will also increase. Dlf2 This will cause the demand for Tanzanian currency to increase Dlf ForX Market and cause their GDP Qlf increase. $/ S$ £ D$ Q$
  16. 16. Why Fund? Tanzania is a countryin need and a good site for The Well Project. By using an established NGO, Charity Water, we will ensure that the quality of life for many Tanzanians improves.
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