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Corporate A Cappella Inquiry Roadshows 2012


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Corporate A Cappella Inquiry Roadshows 2012

  1. 1. CORPORATE EVENT INQUIRYFOR VOCAL GROUPSFROM FOUR CONTINENTSDear a cappella friends from all over the world,I hope this message finds you well and everything’s fine acappellawise.The reason I’m writing to you is an urgent project which I’m working onright now. It’s a corporate road show of an international company with 4events in Mainz (GER), Hong Kong (HK), Baltimore (USA) and Sao Paolo (BRA).I’ve been hired as the creative director for the musical part and I’m lookingfor one professional vocal group from each country/continent on which thefour events are going to take place.The language of all events is English. The arrangement is going to be written fora four-part all-male vocal group. Exceptions (five-part, female singers) could bepossible, but the extra arrangement work would have to be done by the group.The job of the group would be to learn one rather simple song beforehand,probably a custumized cover version of a well-known pop song and „teach“it to a crowd of 300 sales people in three short time slots (10+10+30mins).Here’s the basic schedule:Day One - travel, arrival - rehearsal in the afternoon - [optional/to be confirmed: 15 mins „Best of“ repertoire at get-together]Day Two - morning: Warm-up with crowd (300 sales people from different countries), 10mins - noon: Warm-up, interactive learning of Song (pt. 1), 10mins - late afternoon: Interactive learning of Song (pt. 2), + live recording, 30mins---As the first event („the blueprint“) is scheduled for June 11th and 12th in Mainz(Germany), the deadline for the decisions on the artists is April 27th, 2012.As our client will be in Hong Kong next week to meet the local partners, it would befantastic to have suggestions for potential groups from Asia by the end of this week, April20th. © SpielPlanVier – Corporate A Cappella 2012
  2. 2. I am still discussing the budget for this performance with my contact person. It will bemuch easier to get a decent fee, as soon as I have a list of groups (+ video links,websites etc.) who have confirmed availability for the following dates:>> Group from Europe for Mainz, Germany: June 11th and 12th>> Group from Asia for Hong Kong: June 25th and 26th>> Group from the USA for Baltimore: July 9th and 10th>> Group from South America: August 9th and 10thThank you very much for sending me your suggestions and confirmations of availability –the sooner the better. Feel free to send your questions via e-mail anytime.And: If you happen to live close to one of the cities mentioned above, mark yourcalendars and let me know if you like to meet up for a chat.Best wishesFStFlorian Städtlerwww.vocal-blog.netwww.acappellazone.comwww.europeanvoices.org_______________________________________________________________________ContactSpielPlanVier I EventMarketing GmbHKartäuserstraße 14 I D-79102 FreiburgTelefon +49 7 61 38 94 74Telefax +49 7 61 38 94 759Kontakt: Florian Stä © SpielPlanVier – Corporate A Cappella 2012