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Slideshare contenteditor-spiegelman


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Slideshare contenteditor-spiegelman

  1. 1. Hi, Im Karen Spiegelman.
  2. 2. Hi, Im Karen Spiegelman. And Id like to show you why
  3. 3. Hi, Im Karen Spiegelman. And Id like to show you why you should hire me
  4. 4. Hi, Im Karen Spiegelman. And Id like to show you why you should hire me as Content Editor at SlideShare.
  5. 5. Requirements? Check.You seek: I have: 3+ years experience in online  Almost 2 decades in online media media Solid understanding and  3 years of running online experience with business editorial for dot-com VC rag news Red Herring Entrepreneurial and able to  A long history of working at work swiftly within a fast startups or new projects at paced environment existing properties Excellent communicator  A way with words Experience using SlideShare  LinkedIn login to SlideShare Bachelors/Masters degree a  OK, you got me there – Im a plus dropout, like Gates and Jobs Click for the next comparison
  6. 6. Experience? Check.Content Editor I did: needs:  Maintain front page content at ZDTV,, and To update the front page CNET based on uploads and current events  Contact and support clients through email, Twitter, phone, Confidence and competence chat, and conferences interacting with public, whether online or in person  Quick-hit, high-impact writing for CNET and ZDTV, e.g. Nimble writing skills and sound editorial judgment  Interdepartmental everything Interdepartmental savvy Click for contact information
  7. 7. Hi, Im Karen Spiegelman. And Id love to hear from you, especially about the Content Editor position at SlideShare. Cheers!LinkedIn: My business: Twitter: Email: Phone: 415-425-0835