The Colorful Friends


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The Colorful Friends

  1. 1. The Colors of Friends Friends come in many colors.
  2. 2. “ Green color Friend " One who sees the positive and puts hope in everything
  3. 3. " Blue color Friend " : Color of the sea and the sky... Friend who brings Peace and serenity
  4. 4. “ Yellow color Friend " : Color of the Sun... Friend who makes us laugh, and shows us a star when we are sad .
  5. 5. “ Red color Friend” : One who reminds us of the rules in life, but encourages us to change, with warm loving words
  6. 6.   Ha! the “Orange color Friend” Enhances our spirit with new energy , with loving vitamins to help us grow .
  7. 7. The “Grey Color Friend” ? One who teaches us silence: to reflect and interiorize helping to know ourselves and others better .
  8. 8.   The “Purple color Friend” Color of the noble ones, will help us learn true authority and wisdom of heart.
  9. 9.   The “Brown color Friend” Might help us to step down of false illusions, and come down to Earth, to the reality of daily simple true living .
  10. 10.   And our “ White color Friend ” One who will help us discover the wisdom hidden to be learnt within any of our experiences.
  11. 11. If we gather We will discover A BIG MEETING, of Love ! All our Friends in A rain - bow
  12. 12. Thank you for being such a Colorful Friend
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