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Purpose Of Life


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Purpose Of Life

  1. 1. This is pretty strange how it worked out this way. Even if you are not religious you should read this.
  2. 2. Q: Does any religion of this universe claim that there is more than one God? A: No (No religion claim that, all religions says there is only one God & he is only creator of this universe)
  3. 3. Q: If all religions says God is one & you are follower of one of those, will you agree that other humans/creations also a creation of your God to whom you have believe? A: YES
  4. 4. Q: Do you love your God to whom you believe? A: Y E S
  5. 5. Q: If you claim that you love your God to whom you believe, then how you can hate other human/creations which is creation of your God? A: Never Thought Like This
  6. 6. Q. If you claim that you love your God to whom you believe, then how you can think/do some bad to any of your God’s creation? A. Never thought like this
  7. 7. Q. Is life, death, health, moon, sun, rain anything in this universe in your control? A. No
  8. 8. Q. When you were born anyone ask you where you want to born & when you will die anyone ask you finish your work your time is up? A. No
  9. 9. Q. Do you agree that science has only found the path to existing hidden resources of God and never invented anything from zero? A. Yes
  10. 10. Q. Do we have entire satisfaction in our life after having all this modern age? A. No
  11. 11. Q. Ever you thought why God sent you in this universe? A: Never Thought
  12. 12. Q. Having faith on any religion & attachments to some education, marriage, kids, wealth etc etc. is goal of the life or some other? A: Never Thought
  13. 13. Try to collect UNIVERSAL LOVE from your God’s universe to whom you believe & fill your heart with that then you will know why your God sent you in this universe.
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