Piece Of Cake


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Piece Of Cake

  1. 1. Piece of Cake...?
  2. 2. Sometimes we ask ourselves: What did I do to deserve this?
  3. 3. Why does God let these things happen to me?
  4. 4. Here is the explanation...
  5. 5. A daughter tells her mother how everything is going wrong for her; She probably failed her Math exam,
  6. 6. ...Her boyfriend just dumped her... for her best friend.
  7. 7. In times so sad, a good mother knows just the thing to cheer up her daughter... “I make a delicious cake.” In that moment themother hugged her daughter and walked her to the kitchen, while her daughter attempted to smile.
  8. 8. While the mother prepared the utencils and ingredients, her daughter sat across from her at the counter. Her mother asks, “Sweetheart, would you like a piece of cake?” Her daughter replies, “Sure,mom, you know how I love cake.”
  9. 9. “ Alright...” the mother said, “Drink some of this cooking oil.” Shocked, the daughter responded, “What?!? No way!!!
  10. 10. “ How about a couple of raw eggs?” To this the daughter responded, “Are you kidding?”
  11. 11. “ How about a little flour?” “No, mom, I’ll be sick!”
  12. 12. The mother responded, “All of these things are uncooked and taste bad, but if you put them together... ... They make a delicious cake !”
  13. 13. God works the same way. When we ask ourselves why does he make us go through these difficult times, we don’t realize the what/where these events may bring us. Only He knows and he will not let us fall. We don’t need to settle for the raw ingredients, trust in Him... And see something fantastic come about!
  14. 14. God loves us so much... He send us flowers every spring...
  15. 15. ...He makes the sun rise every morning...
  16. 16. ... And anytime you need to talk... He is there to listen!
  17. 17. He can live anywhere in the universe... But He choses to live in your heart!
  18. 18. Send this message to those you truly appreciate... I did, and I hope your day is a “Piece of Cake”!
  19. 19. Have a Great Cake! Oops! I mean a Great DAY! <ul><li> </li></ul>
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