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Happy Valentines Day


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Happy Valentines Day

  1. 1. Hi It’s a valentine’s day …… I m getting a chance to celebrate valentine’s day with you and I wanna tell u that How Wonderful .and special ( you are to me) I am to you. In between busy schedule, these days allow us to regain the energy by freely spending special time with our sweet friends …… On Valentine’s day A special smile A special face A special someone I cant replace A special hug from me 2 u 4 the frndship,, I ve found in u
  2. 2. Valentine's Day is about hearts that are red and pink, lacy and soft too. It's about chocolate hearts and tiny candy hearts inscribed with "Luv You."
  3. 3. But Valentine's Day isn't only for sweethearts; it's also a celebration of friendship, that's loyal and true.
  4. 4. And this Valentine's Day, I'll remember and cherish the warm and caring heart of a good friend like you. And I'll hope and pray, that you'll have a wonderful Valentine's Day.
  5. 5.   A simple poem 4 u:   Forgetting U is hard to do,   Forgetting me is up to U,   Forget me not   Forget me never   & U will have a Friend forever. Hey Smile
  6. 8. Bye and Take care
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